Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Democracy Strikes Back

Great news... We got a phonecall from our property lawyer yesterday; apparently after 3 long months (one of which involved basically sitting around and waiting while nothing was happening,) we are now ready to exchange contracts for the house we've been trying to buy. And unless something unpredictable happens whithin the next couple of days, we'll have the keys to our new house by the 20th of May. OUR HOUSE! So come August, I'll have a house AND a baby. I'm growing up... Eeek!

Plus, now that we have a house to put the stuff in, we'll be able to finally buy Matilda's crib and pram:

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Well, not really us, the two sets of grandparents are getting those, because they offered. We, so far, are getting some LUVELY second hand clothes from charity shops. I love charity shops... So far we have about 8 sleep-suits per size, to last us to 6 months, a full set of vests for a newborn, and a brand-new (you can tell it hasn't been washed more than a couple of times, if that) snow-suit that's just the right size for winter... AND it's a unisex colour. All cost on average £1.50 a piece. I feel so smug :)

We took Nanoo and Domino to the vet on Monday. Nanoo had been on a strict diet for a month now, after the vet who spayed her declared she was too fat. (The Nerve! Is this fat? I blame fashion magazines, personally...)

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But anyway, Bunny's health is the most important thing, so we put her on a diet and she was only allowed a special low calory rabbit mix, and grass in place of a treat. Grass, as in the green stuff that grows outside our door and looks like it'll swallow the house because we never mow it. Instead of, oh, a banana a day, like she used to have. And the low-cal bun-grub looks like poop (Seriously! I end up cleaning her box a lot more these days, because I can't tell how much of what's in there is poop and how much is left over food.)
So after a month of eating the Poop Du Jour, Nanoo went to the vet who weighed her and announced that she weighs 4.6 kg, and a month ago she weighed 4.4 kg. BEFORE she had her uterus removed! Does that sound right to you? Nope, me neither, and it only reinforces my theory: All diets are pointless, neigh, dangerous, and we should all eat a pint of chocolate brownie ice-cream a day, in an effort to maintain a healthy weight :)

My apologies to my greek readers, but I have to save this for posterity (and any non-greek people who happen to find their way here:)

Today is the 1st of May in Greece. The 11th of May for the rest of the Civilized World, but anyway.

The 1st of May this year coincided with Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday. Bummer, as noone likes missing a bank holiday, and soon rumors began circulating; the Greeks decided that the 1st of May would be moved to a new date. Say, the 11th. Today. (Hey, we invented Democracy. We can do whatever we want!) Everyone was happy, until about a week ago, when the government announced most emphatically that NO, the 11th of May would NOT be a bank holiday, just a normal day, with a few minor exceptions:

  1. The 1st of May celebrations would take place.
  2. The Parliament would not be meeting, because politicians have a duty to attend the celebrations.
  3. Any public servants who felt the need to attend the celebrations too, would be excused from showing up for work.

In case you haven't spotted it yet, this leaves private sector employees, who (according to the government) had to clear it with their employers if they wanted to strike in honour of the 1st of May.

After a lot of mayhem, a new announcement followed a few days later. To spare private sector employees' feelings, public servants would now have to show up for work too, but the Parliament would still not be meeting.

The Result: All worker's unions in the country immediately declared they will be going on strike. Today, Wednesday, 11th of May in Greece:

  • The Electricity Company, The Water Company, The Phone Company, Buses, Taxis, Trains, The Subway, Passenger Ferries, National Television and Radio Channels and Lawyers will not be working.
  • Hospitals will be operating with Skeleton Crew.
  • Olympic Airline flights will be cancelled. In an effort to prevent complete chaos, (MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Er, excuse me. I think they were actually being serious) OA announced they will be keeping ONE flight per destination, and ONE international flight per country. The only problem is, because Air Traffic Controllers want to strike too, OA was unfortunately unable to announce WHICH were the flights that would actually take place. What's more, depending on what exactly the Air Traffic Controllers decided, the one-flight-per-country regime might be extended to ALL flights by privately owned or non-greek companies as well.

In short, everyone has decided on a strike that would send the country into a one-day-long paralysis. Well, almost everyone. The Teachers Union has decided the government's offense was so grave, the strike should last for three days instead. After all, why not have a 5-day weekend if you can? This has always been our policy, and it has served us well.

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