Monday, May 02, 2005

The Fur is Flying

Wow, a first entry... The pressure, the pressure. What should I say to get people interested? IS there such a thing as people being interested? (I've heard there is... One can always hope!)

We have a new family member. Last Monday, Domino joined the family:

Aka: Stinky Malinky, Smelly Pooperson, or Winnie (You guessed it -The Poo!) This adorable little bundle of fur has proven quite capable of producing his own body weight in poop daily. Which Peter has to clean up, because -hey! I'm pregnant! Thank you Matilda :)

Domino has settled in quite nicely and we have even managed to persuade him to *not* spend the entire night mewing pathetically outside our bedroom door, acting as if being left alone for the night feels similar to having his ears slowly cut off with a rusty file (YES, this imagery DID cross our minds AT 5 IN THE MORNING, when we were lying in bed, listening to him. CAN YOU BLAME US, RSPCA?) and refusing to move the few meters from our bedroom to the kitchen to have a drink, so that when we finally let him in in the morning he is so parched that he knocks my glass, licks the wet spot on the floor and we have to carry him downstairs to have a drink and produce the next installment of his specialty -poo!

The Bonster, on the other hand, is, well, how shall we say... Less than impressed. In fact, she's positively livid at this intruder. She attacks the cat on sight, displaying all the determination (and grace) of a charging bull, and has happily trampled him on at least one occasion. Those of you that know Nanoo can picture this, I'm sure. We're hoping that eventually they'll get used to each other, Domino will learn to keep away, or at least that all this running will help bunny loose some weight. More updates on WWIII, on the 12:00 news.

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