Monday, June 20, 2005

A Preggo's Woes are Never Done - Or why My Life Sucks

Is there such a thing as Pregnancy Transition? Please tell me there is... Or otherwise I'm just heading full speed for a major breakdown, and I'll be one of those mums that get drunk trying to drown their sorrows and forget their babies on buses. At least we won't have to spend too much on booze, it'll only take me a glass or two.

All together now...


1. I'm HOT and miserable.

2. Despite the fact that I'm in ENGLAND, where the temperature compared to Greece is like comparing oh, I don't know, a sunny afternoon and a cruise in the PITS OF HELL.

3. It took me 10 minutes to come up with the simile above. And it's not even a good one. It's so embarassing I'd delete it, but I can't come up with a better one (after another 10 minutes of thought.) I have no brain left.

4. When the cat so much as makes a noise, I want to pick him up by his tail and hurl him out the window.

5. And yet he's being nothing but sweet kitty cuteness personified.

6. My bunny is still cooped up in her fence or her room, because the cat tries to play with her and chases her around, and she doesn't like it.

7. This makes me feel so guilty that I can hardly make myself go in to see her. Despite the fact that it's all my fault she is there, because I was the one who got the cat. Hence...

8. I am a TERRIBLE PERSON and don't deserve to have pets, never mind a baby.

9. I actually mean the above and I felt like crying when I was typing it.

10. I wake up in the morning and have started feeling annoyed at the world in general by the time I've had breakfast.

11. In the past two days, I've taken 3 showers for no other reason appart for the fact that I can cry better in the shower.

12. AND YET I have absolutely no reason to feel like that!

13. AND I don't feel any better afterwards.

14. My toe hurts (isn't my life truly miserable?)

15. I still have to clean the stupid house in Meadowbank. And I'm tired!

16. I am a slob. I will never have a clean house. My child will grow up without knowing what it's like not living in a mess, and her relationships will fail for that reason, and It'll be all my fault.

17. I still have done almost nothing out of all the things I need to do before the baby is born.

18. No pregnant people read this blog, so noone can answer my question about if there is such a thing as pregnancy transition.

19. I have to stop doing this because I'm annoying myself even more.

20. My back hurts.

21. I can't sleep at night.

22. Ok, I'm seriously stopping now.


1 comment:

HomeFireBlue said...

Err ... welcome to being a Mum. All in all it doesn't get easier. Sorry.

Some things get fantastically better (you'll have that lovely wee beast whom you adore more than anyone on earth, oh, and he/she won't care if the house is filthy) and some things get a bit worse (the width of your hips and changing nappies on a squalling morsal at 3am)

I empathize! {{{hugs!}}} It'll be OK.