Sunday, July 31, 2005

The Yellow One Bites the Dust

I just thought I'd do my civic duty and inform everyone that after my touching, nay, heartwarming last entry, Matilda has decided that since she's so welcome, she might as well stay in her warm, cozy confines a bit longer. Just to let you know, when tomorrow that cute (annoying) little ticker on Matilda's page starts claiming I have given birth, I haven't. When I do, you'll be the first to know. Slight overstatement, but still, you can be confident I'll keep you in the loop.
Anyway, tomorrow is my due date. This past week, I've been feeling more uncomfortable that I have all pregnancy... Not fed-up, just plain big and difficult to maneuvre. Like, if I want to get up from the sofa, I have to slowly move my bum to the edge of the seat, lean forward, pause and give myself a mental pep-talk (you can do this!) get up, THEN straighten my back, pause and mentally congratulate myself, collect my willpower, start walking... You get the picture. NOT that I'm complaining. I'm honestly not, I'm still reasonably comfortable, and it's totally worth it... I'm just recording this for posterity. I'll need SOMETHING to guilt-trip Matilda when she's going through her terrible teens, after all. I've also been losing globs of my mucus plug. For those of you who don't know what this is, it's this nice, well, piece of snot, that acts like a cork all pregnancy and seals the opening of the cervix. Here, aren't you glad you asked now? I'd post a picture, but you'll think I'm disgusting. Anyway, what this hopefully means is that my cervix is getting less tight, and Matilda should be making an appearance in the not too distant future.

So, without further ado, here is *fingers crossed* PROBABLY the last installment in the Belly Hall of Fame. The Belly at 40 weeks. Sorry about the fuzzy quality, it's the booze (naaawww, just joking.)

Go on, tell me! Can you see anything different? Bigger? Lower? Spot any neon signs saying "Coming Soon"? I didn't think so, but it was worth a try...

Our other news are that last week, our car died. Only a couple of weeks since we had it MOT-ed too... Stupid car would have saved us £200 if it just died a few weeks earlier! Luckily, one of Peter's colleagues at work was selling his car, so we bought that one (a Ford Escort.) It has more mileage than we were hoping for, but he's had it from new and has given it regular services, so it should last us for a few years, until we need a van to fit the Brood (Ah, isn't that a nice word?)
We also had a revelation and remembered all the Debenhams vouchers we got as wedding presents... We combined them and added a little bit, and bought a cam-corder so we can tape Matilda and send footage to the family in Greece. So far, we've got a LOT of footage of the cat, as if that would surprise anyone.

Well, since I don't have any exciting
baby news, I'll talk about our cat (again.)

Isn't he cute? I can't believe how big he's gotten... When we first got him, he looked like this:

This is Pete's sock wrapped around him, by the way. Awwww... This was back when he wanted to be around us so badly that if we wanted to leave him alone for any stretch of time, we had to get him to sleep, and then stick a freshly worn sock under his nose, so he wouldn't notice we weren't around.

Now he's all big and independent (almost!) Peter has managed to teach him how to play fetch, so that if you get his toy and throw it for him, he'll pick it up in his mouth and pad over to you, and wait for you to throw it again. Even better, sometimes he starts the game himself. He'll bring his toy over to you, place it at your feet and stare at you until you get the hint and throw it.

Last night Peter and I decided to play a game of Scrabble. Not as simple as you'd think - Squeak (Domino the cat, for the uninitiated) obviously thought the tiles were great fun, so eventually the best we could do was to take a picture of the scrabble board with the digital camera every few rounds, so we could set it up again if he jumped on it. It was a LOOOOONG game, let me tell you! (Peter won, if you were wondering.)

And, most enjoyably, I've finally managed to locate a stuffed toy at a charity shop that I don't mind Domino disembowelling. If you don't remember, he's taken to climbing ANYWHERE to gain access to my stuffed toys, throw them down and carry them away downstairs, where he has a fight with them -the bully! I LIKE my stuffed toys. I brought them all the way from Greece. They have cool names like Rupert, Baa the Sheep, Clifford and Mr Posslethweight, and I've been collecting them until the mature age of, well, last year. So I was on the look-out for a toy he'd be allowed to play with... The problem was that every time I spotted anything vaguely suitable, I thought it looked nice and I wouldn't want him to destroy it... Finally, last week I discovered a nice little yellow Pikachu doll at a charity shop, and now we have the pleasure of watching Pikachu being pounced on, bitten, thrown around and carried by his ears by a cat approximately the same size as he. It's so nice... I feel like I'm making a stand. I'm sure some of you will sympathise!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Message to my Unborn Child

Now that this pregnancy is almost over, I've been thinking about it a lot it seems... Matilda should be here within the next couple of weeks, and there are some things I wanted to tell her (or him! We might be surprised yet!)

Baby, I've really enjoyed carrying you. Admittedly, it hasn't been much of a challenge ( very easy pregnancy, with some minor whining) but even so, those who know me know what a wuss I am normally. This time around, I couldn't help but be so aware that all the discomfort and aches, and things I wanted to do but couldn't, were because I had a *person* inside me! What is more magical than that?

I can't wait to meet you and I hope you get here soon, but I know I'll miss being pregnant. It's been like walking around for 9 months with an unopened present. Boy or girl? (Earlier on.) Would you come early, come late? Will you look like Peter, or me, or someone else in the family? Will you have green eyes and freckles, like you did in that dream I had? Will you be calm, or fussy? Thin, or chunky? And it's the only present you're guaranteed to like when it's open.

It's amazing to think that you're walking around, doing your normal everyday things, and inside you is this potential of a human, that is a little part of you, and a little part of the person you love, and a little part of just herself, and unlike anyone else, ever! I could do this 10 times, just for the excitement of waiting to meet that little human!

Baby, I wish you'd hurry up and get out so I can meet you, but is sure has been nice carrying you around...

And a few updates on news that I've neglected putting up here:

Peter's sister is pregnant, due in December. There'll be two babies around for Christmas, how cool is that? I'm really excited about it...

My neighbour who was pregnant, due 3 weeks before me, had her little boy last weekend. Well, I say little, he was 9lbs 10 oz (4,5 kg, for the greeks.) She had him at home, in the water, no painkillers or anything. The next day, she was out and about taking him for a walk... How inspiring is that? I went over to see him this week, he's so sweet, and the calmest baby ever! His two older siblings (3 and 2 years old) were all over him, yelling, hugging, kissing etc, and he just slept there... At some point he was snoozing in his car seat, and his brother was just wildly rocking it, singing "row, row, row your car seat, quickly down the stream..." It was SO FUNNY!

My midwife said she'd be surprised if Matilda is less than 9 lbs (4 kg) Yay!

More later, I have to go and float now... I love the swimming pool!

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Crazy Cat Lady it is, then!

Miss Matilda is making mummy really happy these past couple of days... Yesterday the midwife examined me and said she is 3/5 engaged, and I've been feeling her creeping lower all day long. Her butt is now about 3-4 fingerwidths over my belly button, and she's obviously enjoying all the space because she's stretching her legs like crazy! So much for the better, we have everything in place for her anyway, and my nice neighbour has lent us a videocamera, so we can tape the event when she decides to make an appearance (and show it to people at dinner parties. No, just joking.)

We are FINALLY done emptying and cleaning the old house. FINALLY!!! I've been getting sick and tired of going there every weekend and lugging over yet more stuff that I needed to find a place for. Today, after 7 hours of cleaning and packing (well, with a lot of breaks) I officially wash my hands of the place.

To add to the joys of the day (she said sarcastically,) today I have officially become the epitome of pregnant slob. You know, the kind of pregnant lady that single women see on the street and decide never to have kids, because "once you get pregnant, you just let yourself go completely, darling." At noon, we decided to take a break from the cleaning and go out for lunch, you know, somewhere that actually has chairs. So in the car we jumped, and went to town, where, upon stepping out of the car, I realized that my chosen outfit of cotton shorts and stained tanktop was complimented by my slippers. Pink, fluffy ones. OLD ones. The ones I have that are worn and dirty, and bunny has been chewing on them, and I was wearing them in the house to avoid getting paint on my shoes. Unimpressed by my plight, Peter flat out refused to drive back so I could put my shoes on, and we proceeded to walk to the coffee house. After some initial attempts to hide behind Peter (who was looking positively smug that for once, he was dressed more smartly than me even though he had holes on his t-shirt!) I decided that I was only attracting attention to myself and decided to make the best of it. "You are happy. You are confident. Your head is held high." I told myself. ("Your head is held high. You are wearing a shirt with stains on it and pink fluffy slippers," myself answered.)

"Today would be a good day to wear the cat in a sling." my darling husband helpfully commented while I was happily introducing my slippers to the general public.This isn't as irrelevant as it sounds, because a while ago, he had said how much the cat enjoys being in the sling, and how I should take him out in it, and I said "yes and then kids will avoid me and the neighbours will know me as Crazy Cat Lady -just what I want." So yes. Peter is developing an interest in fashion. And HE WAS RIGHT, pink fluffy slippers in public are the perfect outfit for Crazy Cat Lady -who knew he had it in him?

Image hosted by

Fair enough... I'll be Crazy Cat Lady. It's not so bad, it's just that the world isn't ready for my fashion sense yet!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Picture this!

Ok, so we're finally all set for Matilda to arrive. We went shopping last weekend and bought all the stuff we need -well, the important stuff really. Car seat, pram, bucket to wash her in (no, just kidding!) Well, ALMOST kidding. When we were in Mothercare shopping, Peter's mum asked if we had gotten her bath tub yet, and I said well...actually...we were going to bathe her in the sink. I thought Mothercare's ceiling would split in two and the God of Consumers would point an accusing finger at me ("Heathen! Infidel! Quick, pelt her with Humphrey's Corner plastic spoons and sound-activated Winnie the Pooh Crib Mobiles -that project images on the ceiling and promote focusing skills and eye coordination, suitable from birth, JUST £29.99!")

Hey, we DID get a nice new plastic bowl for washing her in, and the sink is just the right height so we don't have to bend. And I suppose our poor deprived baby will just have to look at *us* to practice her focusing skills ;)

Do you want to see our nursery corner? This is where Matilda will sleep.

Image hosted by

To other news, our Birth Pool arrived this week. So I can be floating in water while Matilda decides if she should be asking for directions or simply Go to the light! I'm really looking forward to it, I've been going to the swimming pool for Water Aerobics for Preggos and being in the water is heaven... I dream about that hour all week. SO relaxing.

Our baby is getting *really* big, she can't really kick any more, just wriggle and squirm around (and see how much she can limit the filling capacity of my lungs before I faint.) On occasion, she sticks her butt out (currently situated under my left boob) or her foot (currently situated under my right boob.) Other joys of pregnancy include the uncanny ability to urinate every few minutes -SUPERPOWER! (Experiment: Pick a newspaper article you find interesting, take it to the toilet with you, and see how many *separate* times you can pee before you finish reading it. My personal record is three times, and we still have a few weeks to go before Matilda stops using my bladder as a cushion.)

Wanna see my Belly? Come on, you know you want to! All of these pictures are easily found in the Belly Gallery, but since I know most of you never bother to check for updates, the Belly will Stalk you, and that'll be your Punishment:

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Image hosted by

And here's another treat: I found these pictures of Peter when he was little. WOW. Well, I got all excited and spent the next couple of days telling him "Oooooh. You were such a GOOD LOOKING child!" until he gave me a strange look and said he wasn't sure how to take this, so I had to stop. But you understand, don't you? DON'T YOU?

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