Saturday, July 09, 2005

Crazy Cat Lady it is, then!

Miss Matilda is making mummy really happy these past couple of days... Yesterday the midwife examined me and said she is 3/5 engaged, and I've been feeling her creeping lower all day long. Her butt is now about 3-4 fingerwidths over my belly button, and she's obviously enjoying all the space because she's stretching her legs like crazy! So much for the better, we have everything in place for her anyway, and my nice neighbour has lent us a videocamera, so we can tape the event when she decides to make an appearance (and show it to people at dinner parties. No, just joking.)

We are FINALLY done emptying and cleaning the old house. FINALLY!!! I've been getting sick and tired of going there every weekend and lugging over yet more stuff that I needed to find a place for. Today, after 7 hours of cleaning and packing (well, with a lot of breaks) I officially wash my hands of the place.

To add to the joys of the day (she said sarcastically,) today I have officially become the epitome of pregnant slob. You know, the kind of pregnant lady that single women see on the street and decide never to have kids, because "once you get pregnant, you just let yourself go completely, darling." At noon, we decided to take a break from the cleaning and go out for lunch, you know, somewhere that actually has chairs. So in the car we jumped, and went to town, where, upon stepping out of the car, I realized that my chosen outfit of cotton shorts and stained tanktop was complimented by my slippers. Pink, fluffy ones. OLD ones. The ones I have that are worn and dirty, and bunny has been chewing on them, and I was wearing them in the house to avoid getting paint on my shoes. Unimpressed by my plight, Peter flat out refused to drive back so I could put my shoes on, and we proceeded to walk to the coffee house. After some initial attempts to hide behind Peter (who was looking positively smug that for once, he was dressed more smartly than me even though he had holes on his t-shirt!) I decided that I was only attracting attention to myself and decided to make the best of it. "You are happy. You are confident. Your head is held high." I told myself. ("Your head is held high. You are wearing a shirt with stains on it and pink fluffy slippers," myself answered.)

"Today would be a good day to wear the cat in a sling." my darling husband helpfully commented while I was happily introducing my slippers to the general public.This isn't as irrelevant as it sounds, because a while ago, he had said how much the cat enjoys being in the sling, and how I should take him out in it, and I said "yes and then kids will avoid me and the neighbours will know me as Crazy Cat Lady -just what I want." So yes. Peter is developing an interest in fashion. And HE WAS RIGHT, pink fluffy slippers in public are the perfect outfit for Crazy Cat Lady -who knew he had it in him?

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Fair enough... I'll be Crazy Cat Lady. It's not so bad, it's just that the world isn't ready for my fashion sense yet!


Stoneface said...

Hello! I created an account. Now I can post to your blog. See you crazy cat lady!

HomeFireBlue said...

What a lovely pic! My god you look gorgeous!

Jeez, I looked like a cow those last few months ... erm ... and i still do, unfortunately.