Thursday, July 21, 2005

Message to my Unborn Child

Now that this pregnancy is almost over, I've been thinking about it a lot it seems... Matilda should be here within the next couple of weeks, and there are some things I wanted to tell her (or him! We might be surprised yet!)

Baby, I've really enjoyed carrying you. Admittedly, it hasn't been much of a challenge ( very easy pregnancy, with some minor whining) but even so, those who know me know what a wuss I am normally. This time around, I couldn't help but be so aware that all the discomfort and aches, and things I wanted to do but couldn't, were because I had a *person* inside me! What is more magical than that?

I can't wait to meet you and I hope you get here soon, but I know I'll miss being pregnant. It's been like walking around for 9 months with an unopened present. Boy or girl? (Earlier on.) Would you come early, come late? Will you look like Peter, or me, or someone else in the family? Will you have green eyes and freckles, like you did in that dream I had? Will you be calm, or fussy? Thin, or chunky? And it's the only present you're guaranteed to like when it's open.

It's amazing to think that you're walking around, doing your normal everyday things, and inside you is this potential of a human, that is a little part of you, and a little part of the person you love, and a little part of just herself, and unlike anyone else, ever! I could do this 10 times, just for the excitement of waiting to meet that little human!

Baby, I wish you'd hurry up and get out so I can meet you, but is sure has been nice carrying you around...

And a few updates on news that I've neglected putting up here:

Peter's sister is pregnant, due in December. There'll be two babies around for Christmas, how cool is that? I'm really excited about it...

My neighbour who was pregnant, due 3 weeks before me, had her little boy last weekend. Well, I say little, he was 9lbs 10 oz (4,5 kg, for the greeks.) She had him at home, in the water, no painkillers or anything. The next day, she was out and about taking him for a walk... How inspiring is that? I went over to see him this week, he's so sweet, and the calmest baby ever! His two older siblings (3 and 2 years old) were all over him, yelling, hugging, kissing etc, and he just slept there... At some point he was snoozing in his car seat, and his brother was just wildly rocking it, singing "row, row, row your car seat, quickly down the stream..." It was SO FUNNY!

My midwife said she'd be surprised if Matilda is less than 9 lbs (4 kg) Yay!

More later, I have to go and float now... I love the swimming pool!

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