Monday, August 08, 2005

Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!


Matilda Catherine arrived Sunday, 23:15. 8lbs11 oz (3950 gr for the Greeks), 2nd degree tear, 4 stitches... NO PAIN RELIEF AT ALL :) We had a waterbirth.

We had been out for coffee and walks and timing lame-o period pains (I thought!) since midday. After the coffee shop closed, we went home and discovered the 1-missisipi 2-missisipi method isn't very reliable... Surges were 7 mins appart, lasting 1,5 min. Called the midwife at 19:15, she arrived and checked me at 20:00... 5cm! Wohoo! Peter started filling the pool and I labored on the toiled, saying "OOOOPEN UP OOOPEN UP" when I had a surge... Throughout the labor (since 19:00 I mean, I was doing it earlier), I couldn't use my hypnobirthing techniques but found I had to vocalise a lot and couldn't help it... The midwife checked the baby's heart rate while I was on the toilet, having a cx... She said "Oh, you look like you're enjoying this (WAS SHE CRAZY!?) But I guess it looked like that from the outside... Asked her for another vaginal examination because I felt nauseus and the contractions felt different... She said I was fine andd they tried not to do too many examinations (her mistake.) Got in pool at 21:00 aproximately and was feeling very intense... couldn't let go of Peter, couldn't not vocalise "OPEN UP" quite loudly with surges. Asked for an examination again, thought I felt like pushing. Tha midwife said again "You don't look ready to push to me, trust your body... You'll get a respite before you have to push. Now would be a good time to do your relaxation." I felt like slapping her! (Sounds bad, she was great really... I can't write all the details because I'm typing one handed, and I did feel she was blowing me off at the time... Discovered after I read her notes later, she really thought the "chanting" was a hypnobirthing technique, and that I was SO relaxed.) Finally had to get out of the pool to monitor the baby's heart again, so she agreed to examine me again... 8 cm! Don't push yet, but she did call the second mw to come (panicky phonecall: "I have a prima at 8 cm wanting to push here... Yes yes, but she's using some technique AND I THINK THE BABY MIGHT COME BY 23:00!" At 22:00 I said "I'm pushing!" The Second midwife wasn't in yet, she had gotten lost... She arrived shortly after though. I had gone from 5 to 10 cm in 2 hrs exactly! And I never DID get that respite. I pushed for 1 hr 15 mins bellowing "COME OUT BABY COME OUT BABY" at contractions (I couldn't help it... It was in english too!) Water broke during pushing, 15 mins before she was born approximately (so that speed was with intact membranes *LOL*) At 23:15 she popped out, when cord stopped pulsating, Peter cut it... I delivered the placenta on my own 30 mins after the birth. Got stiched up, at which point we discovered their Entonox machine was broken and didn't work! Good thing I didn't ask for it during labor *LOL*

Fun facts:

We were videoing the birth. During pushing, at some point I said "Oh, my mum will watch this and think her child is in so much pain... She'll be in tears." (I was very loud, but it felt much better than it sounded.) Peter said "So tell her you're ok" so I was waving at the camera saying "Hi mum, don't worry, I'm ok mum, Hi mum" (Can you say endorphine high!?)

Also during pushing, Peter decided to joke (!) "The bad thing about having such a good birth is you'll want to have lots more children" and I said "YES I will!" (I'm quite proud of that statement at that time! *LOL*)

Also during pushing, I had no idea what was happening, but I was bellowing and had 3 midwives standing there looking at my hootchie, pointing and saying to each other "Look at that! That's amazing!" (WHAT?! *LOL* But it let me know things were going well *LOL*)

I had a total of 4 mws present, because it was during a shift change, but they stuck around because they wanted to see what happened...Total duration of labor, from phonecall to midwife to the birth, 4 hrs exactly. Not bad eh?

Am a bit lost now... Babies cry a LOT! :(

Apologies in advance if I disappear for a bit, but did I say BABIES CRY A LOT?

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Stoneface said...

Mmm...VEEERY cute baby! Congratulations to the both of you! I new you had it in you! (pun intended).
Actually the more I look at the photos the more I think she looks kinda like your mother(!). The genes are strong in your family! Anyway, just wanted to say how happy I am for the both of you. I wish ALL the best and may her life be the joy she deserves!

Laura said...

What an adorable little girl! Glad mommy and baby made it well.

Laura (from Babycenter AP board)