Sunday, October 09, 2005

Long Awaited Cat Post

Now, just because I keep going on about Matilda, don't think the cat isn't getting his due any more. His Squeekiness is still my fur-baby, just as her Poopiness is still my bald-baby (and getting balder as we speak, as her belly-hair is falling out, tee-hee.)

Other differences, in case some of you have trouble telling the cat and the baby appart, include:
  • Matilda sucks my blood, Domino just draws it (and that's a bit of a waste, to be honest... mwahaha!)
  • Domino can play fetch, we're still working on Matilda's skills.
  • Matilda gets brought toys by people, Domino gets to play with them.
  • Domino poops every day, and Matilda is due to have one big Ueber-Poop since three days now.

Rule of thumb: If it's in the pram, it's likely to be a cat:

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My mum has always disliked cats. She is the reason I got the bunny in Corfu, and subsequently had the very house eaten from under my feet for the next 5 years; I thought if I got a cat, I wouldn't be allowed back to the family house, and possibly would be disowned.

When I called my mum to tell her we got Domino, her reply was:

"WHY did you get a stinking cat?" (Or something to that effect.)

"Mum, we don't live there anymore. It's our house."

"Ok well, I have to go now. I'm too upset."


When she came to visit us a month ago, her introductory words were, I seem to recall, "Get it away from me!" Two days later, the cat was sleeping next to her every night, and she's been overheard sweet talking to him. Oh, and when he was coughing up a hairball a couple of nights ago, she got so worried that she let him sleep in her bed, and she slept sitting on the armchair. (I particularly love telling people this insident, after all the years she maintained "cats are mean, jealous and they steal food.") THAT'S how sweet our cat is.

Oh, and I welcome comments from anyone who can help me with this question:

Why do people think I spoil my pets?!

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PS: A full week has passed since I first started writting this post, before I managed to sit down and finish it. Just so you know why I take so long to read your emails! :)

PPS: Awwwww...

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