Sunday, December 11, 2005

Houston, what is a problem?

Check this out: Channel 4's new show takes innocent (if slightly stupid) members of the british public, and convinces them that they've been selected to become the first televised, british cosmonauts. They will be flown to a training base in Russia, and will be launched into space after three weeks of intensive training. Yes, I said weeks, not years. Want more?

In reality, they were put into a plane, flown around for a few hours, and then landed back in the UK, in an old military base decorated with russian paraphernalia for extra authenticity. After 3 weeks of science and lectures (during which they were told, for example, that they wouldn't experience weightlessness because they wouldn't fly deep enough in space, plus the ship has 3 artificial gravity generators,) 3 of them (plus 1 actor) were flown in to space (i.e. shut in an MDF simulator) to conduct experiments, such as plugging mixers in a tomato, to see if fruit and veg generate electricity in space. Sorry to the greeks who couldn't watch it, but here's a few links for more information:,14676,1655651,00.html?gusrc=rss

Other goodies:
Charlie the actor, refering to the cadets' (lack of) reaction re the weightlessness: "You could tell these people that the gravity generators are run by miniaturised hamsters running on nano-wheels, and they'd nod and take notes."

During the selection phase, anyone who could name more than 4 Star Trek characters was eliminated as a dangerous know-it-all.

I FINALLY got to see some pictures of my new niece, Maria-Lorna. She's Katerina's baby, she was born 3 weeks after Matilda... Isn't she sweet? I can't wait to meet her... And it probably won't happen until September, when we go down for the christening. It's really depressing, all these things happening in the lives of people I really really care about, and I'm over here and can't see them :( Ugh.

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Some lady today at the Post Office saw Matilda and said "She'll be a nice person, she has kind eyes." It must be the nicest thing anyone's ever said about her. I hope so baby, I hope so!

Oh, and go read this:

It's sooooooooooooo funny, (Horrible, politically in-correct and plain wrong, but hey, you can't beat the above for entertainment.)

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