Thursday, February 09, 2006

Naturally Shameless

It has NOT been a good few weeks. We're quite a healthy family normally, but we somehow managed to spend the past three weekends ill -first Matilda, then me, then Peter. Screacher had a temperature for a day, and then just a cold -basically, she spent the week spewing ectoplasm from her nose and screaming every day, starting at the same time, like clockwork. The only thing that worked (exorcism nonwithstanding) was to give her Calpol, which she gulped down with relish.

Unlike all the other types of multicolored gloop that we've been trying to feed her. While she was ill I stuck to breastmilk, but after she'd recovered we went back to trying to shove mush down her throat quicker than she can spit it out again. The child does not like anything, it's uncanny. If you liked the disgusted by carrot face, you will love the grossed out by banana face:

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Atleast it proves she takes after Peter in some ways. I mean, this refusal to like food obviously does not come from OUR side of the family.

Hands up those of you who think if we served Cat, she'd eat it:

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Matilda discovers her true demonic nature and decides that instead of eating her greens, she'd rather take over the world:

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Really, who does she remind you of, that we know from interpreting? Come on Virus, Blondie...?

I had to include this, it's from Hathor's web-comic. This is priceless because... you guys... I have to tell you; Breastweighing, I've done it. IN PUBLIC. Yep, more than once. It's amazing how being a parent gets rid of all your inhibitions. Well, either that or I'm naturally shameless.

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