Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Truth is Out There

Well butter my butt and call me biscuit! (I've been dying to use that phrase...) The child eats! Could it be she'd been abducted by aliens? After a couple of weeks' worth of me trying to shove lovingly prepared home made food down her gullet, it seems like a switch finally clicked (switched?) in Matilda's mind. Two days ago, she acted as if I was trying to poison her if I dared present her with anything but breastmilk. Yesterday, in just one day, she scoffed down banana, pear, potato and carrot, in unheard of quantities. Now she'll grab the spoon herself and shove it in her mouth, screech if the next spoonful takes a bit longer, and generally try to show that no matter how much she's had, she still needs more. Wey-hey, I guess this means I won't have to send her to school with breast-milk-pudding in her lunchbox.

Of course, happy as this all makes me, I have to mourn the fact that... sob... my baby's lovely, sweet smelling (YES! IT REALLY WAS!) breast-fed poo is gone forever and has been replaced by normal-people-poo. The stinky kind. This morning I opened her nappy ("Oh pooh!") and I just had to call Pete over to show it to him. I'm telling you, this kid is giving the cat a run for his money.

Poor Pete completed the illness chain we've been having over here with a bang; he got diagnosed with pneumonia. He'd had a temperature that wouldn't go down for a couple of days and back pain, so he called NHS direct where the nice people told him to "take an ibuprofen or a paracetamol every 3 hours." (Better known as the "put some Windex on it" advice: I had called a couple of days ago with a suspected ear infection and was told to "take an ibuprofen or a paracetamol every 3 hours.") Luckily he went to hospital when the pain got worse and it turned out to be a pretty nasty case of pneumonia. He's still staying home but he's getting better (and is doing baby duty now so I can blog, mwahaha.) Here are my two darlings relaxing today:

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