Thursday, March 16, 2006

Dummy Mummy

Sometimes I think my life is a comedy.

A few days ago I was having a coffee with some mummy pals (you know, the people you meet and hang out with because you all have babies -mummyhood is like a cult sometimes.) Peter was going to meet me in the coffeehouse later. At some point during the conversation, T. said about me "I remember when we met and I was still pregnant, I thought it was so lovely that you didn't mind breastfeeding in public, you were absolutely fine with it, at some point she (Matilda) had finished and had come off, and you were just sitting there at the pub with your boob hanging out." On cue, Peter walks in, looks at me and says "You were? When did that happen exactly?"

Now tell me that doesn't sound like a scene from Friends. (In the parallel universe where Rachel would be fine with NIP -nursing in public.)

Of course the thing is that since then, T. has had her own gorgeous baby, and it took her 7 whole weeks to get him to latch on. After pumping for 7 weeks to make sure that he gets breastmilk, T. is now very happy to sit with her boob hanging out. It took a lot of effort to be able to do that, and she should be very proud of herself.

Matilda can now sit up for ages without toppling, and she can get on her hands and knees and rock.
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And my pouch sells are picking up a bit, so fingers crossed:

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Last night I tried fooling Matilda with a dummy when she woke up during the night, hoping she'd suck on that instead of the boob. It was so funny, she went Suck suck suck -take dummy out, stare at it-pop it back in-suck suck suck-take dummy out, stare at it again -pop it in at slightly different angle -suck suck suck-take dummy out, stare at it again -pop it in back to front -suck suck suck... You get the picture. You could see her thinking "What the... This boob is broken, there's no milk coming out!" I'm sure if I'd let it go on, she'd end up kicking it or punching it, like a broken vending machine. But she didn't have to, because she quickly ended up with a (guess) boob in her mouth. I can hear grunting coming from the crib, I sense there is a nappy change in my future!

C's comment today at Costa's: Of course she keeps waking up to nurse when she's snuggled up against you, it's like you trying to sleep with a double chocolate fudge cake in front of your face. Yep, I make gourmet milk.

There's just something about Daddy that makes me smile:

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