Friday, April 28, 2006

The Many Faces of Matilda

I've now cut Matilda's hair a total of two times (just trimmed the fringe, but still...) and it still grows crazy. Things people have said about her hairstyle include:
"Does it grow like that?"
"Awww, is she having a bad hair day?"
"What a funky little hairstyle!"
"Oh look, her hair is like mine!" (From my hairdresser, who was sporting a mohawk at the time.)

and my personal favourite.....
"She looks like Woody Woodpecker."

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Current predictions are that when Matilda grows up, she'll think Mohawks are a hairstyle for Babies, and she'll want to do something reactionary and cutting edge with her hair, like use Breel Cream on it.

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My little fluffy-topped darling can now:

  • Crawl. I was in the toilet the other day (with the door open of course, thanks so much Domino,) and I looked up to see a smiley baby looking at me from the doorway. She had crossed half of the lounge and all of the kitchen to get to see me pee. Awww...
  • Pull herself up in her crib, bend down, pick up a toy, and straighten herself up again. She's so proud of herself when she does it that it's turned into a game; she'll pick her toy up, give it to me, and I have to put it back in her crib so she can repeat the performance.
  • Eat grown up food. I mean, I could just cry. If you hand her a whole banana, she sucks it until it mulchifies, and swallows it. She's also eaten sliced toast with Marmite (Peter is ecstatic at that -plus, he happily eats her leftovers) and sliced peppers that I was handing her from my salad. I honestly have NO idea how she manages to eat all of these things, she still doesn't have one single tooth in her pie-hole, but she's certainly come a long way since orange gloop. And to think that before I dared to stop whizzing her food, the health visitor had to ask me three times, and sit through my demostration of Baby CPR. That's first time mums for you.

She also tries to feed you her food (and disolves in giggles,) and she does this thing where she wants to chew on your nose... and if you turn away she puts both hands on your cheeks and turns your face towards her and then THERE IS THIS GAPING MOUTH AND HUGE PAIR OF GUMS COMING FOR YOU, OH DEAR GOD, THE GUMS... THEY'RE COMING... THEY'RE HUGE....AAAARGH!!!!!

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The One where Food is mentioned Many Times

Natalie is back from Thailand and I saw them all yesterday, at Ola's birthday party. For which Natalie managed to provide an amazing spread of home-cooked foods, and gift bags for all the children with their names spelled on them in glitter, days after returning from a 10 week back-packing trip with 3 children under 5.
I spent an embarassingly long time hovering in the kitchen, picking things off the food-table (did I mention the food was excellent?) while every other parent in the room demonstrated their ability to actually listen, understand and respond to questions coherently despite the bloodcurling battle-cries emitted by at least 5 children at any given time. (Does parenting a toddler make your hearing sharper? Was I fighting a losing battle, because my baby is pre-verbal? I mean, it went something like "W..... You ..... Oooo?" "Excuse me?" "" "Erm...yes?" "No, I said" "Never mind, I'll go eat.") Matilda managed to avoid being trampled by the herd of rampaging toddlers, and got introduced to brightly coloured plastic balls:

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Image hosting by Photobucket That little cutie next to her, incidentally, is Atticus, who in the past two months grew hair and learned how to stand. Am I out of line for feverently hoping she'll hook up with the boy next door when she grows up? Do you think if I keep telling her "Whetever you do, stay away from that Atticus. I know what these boys are like," might help get them together? I mean, look at that scrumptious little guy (and I am refering to the one in nappies!)

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Me: (To Reggie, who was wearing a Spiderman costume) Oooh, are you Spiderman?
5 year Old Boy: Actually, that's not the real Spiderman.
Me: Yeah, the real Spiderman can climb walls.
5yo Boy: Actually no, the real Spiderman doesn't even exist.

Also, I got to see about a dozen flims' worth of photographs from their holiday, and after all the shots of children running around naked in idyllic beaches, I was almost jealous. Until Natalie mentioned that in Thailand everyone kept telling her "Oh, 3 children and another one in your belly, how lovely..." She said "Eventually I got tired of saying 'No, I'm just fat, not pregnant,' and started patting my belly and nodding." Incidentally, Natalie is NOT fat, and she certainly is a lot thinner than me. It must be that the Thai people are so tiny. Note to self: Never, under any circumstances, ever, and I mean EVER, visit Thailand.

We had a lovely time when Alan and Jill visited last weekend and got some hands-on Matilda-lovin'. Also, I got treated to a lovely meal out and the priceless information that when Alan was invited to parties as a small child, his mum would feed him a sandwitch before sending him off, because he would eat so much she was afraid he'd embarass her! So the Sprogling's tendency to eat anything you put in front of her does not NECESSARILY come from my side of the family. Phew!

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Do you think Matilda is starting to look a bit too much like me?

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UPDATE: Oh!!! Oh oh oh!!! Matilda just now this very minute mastered the art of pulling herself up in her crib! I had to put that down in writing!

Thursday, April 13, 2006


We've had anothe couple of weeks of sickies over here -this time a tummy bug seems to have gone though us all. Having a baby has really faffed up my immune system I think; I used to hardly ever get sick at all, and now I seem to be picking something up every few weeks. This blows. Matilda's tummy bug version seemed to result to spectacularly malodorous nappies full of undigested food. I fed her raisins one day for lunch, and they were appearing in her nappy in amazingly good condition for the next couple of days; she might have picked them up straight from her dish and stuck them in there, for all the good passing through her digestive tract did them. She seems to be recovering now, but I'm monitoring what she eats very carefully, to make sure it was actually a bug and not some rogue food allergy that caused this.

She's getting really good at feeding herself now; you can hand her a whole banana, she'll hold it in her hand and gum it to death. It's so much fun, I'll have to take a picture of it soon. She is comando-crawling (towards the cat,) grabs the cat's tail, and she turns and smiles at the right person if you ask her "Where's daddy/mummy?" She's trying to pull herself up in her crib, but she's only managed it once so far; if you help her get up though, she can support herself and stand holding on to the edge of the furniture.

Mummy, what are you doing with that thing?

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Ooooh, pictures, I need to look cute!

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It's so hard being a model...

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Monday, April 03, 2006


Yes, I'm still alive (probably. I might be hallucinating. Feel free to coment on this.)

Matilda is really coming on with the babbling and developing her own language. We've noticed, for example, that she makes a chirpy little a-da-da-da-da... Ta! ta! ta! sound when she's content, interested, happy, and a moaning Maaaamamamamamaaaaama when she wants something (Milk. Nappy change. Sleep. That toy over there. My credit card.) The cat is a favorite recipient for the chirpy sound. Guess who gets to hear the moaning mamamas more often.

We had an awful night last night. Matilda is really snuffly and snorkely, and she couldn't sleep because she couldn't breathe well. She wanted to breastfeed, of course, but her nose was stuffy so we had several rounds of suck-suck-can't breathe-oops, where'd my nipple go-suck-suck, accompanied by random snurfing sounds. I didn't want to give up hope, but you try to sleep with a stuffy nose and a mouthful of boob. Peter kept picking her up and walking her to sleep, but she woke up almost as soon as she was horizontal again. We finally managed to find a position that worked and slept around 6:00 in the morning... I might be sleeping right now and dreaming about blogging.

I apologise in advance for being self indulgent, but after reading this article, I spent 30 minutes writing a response to it, only to find out that they weren't accepting comments anymore. I can't let all this effort go to waste. YOU read it. :)

I can see both parents' points, and don't think either of them is being stupid (my, aren't we quick to point fingers and throw names around?)
I understand how James would feel left out, and I understand why he'd want "alone time" with his wife. I think Valentina should make an effort to schedule some regular alone time, for the two of them. Maybe find a babysitter she can trust, a friend or family member? Maybe find a friend with kids, and they could swap baby-sitting duty every week or so? HOWEVER, James must realise that the "alone time" might be short at first -maybe an hour or so. Jayla is still VERY YOUNG, at 3 months old. There's so many things we don't know about them: 1. Does she breastfeed? Will the baby take a bottle from someone else? 2. Do they have any trusted friends or family around? I personally wouldn't leave my 3 month old with a stranger.
I do, however, think James is being unreasonable about wanting the bedroom to be a child-free zone; this is going to be very difficult with a baby and a toddler. Even without co-sleeping, studies show that keeping a baby in the bedroom until 6 months reduces the instance of SIDS significantly. And there are also many studies that show co-sleeping is NOT , I repeat NOT dangerous, if done correctly -there are guidelines, the same as there are guidelines for safe crib-sleeping.
And I also understand why Valentina wants James III to have a late bedtime, so she can spend time with him -it is very difficult being a working mum, and this is one of the reasons we made whatever sacrifises were necessary for me to stay at home with the children. Maybe a compromise would be in order here, i.e. move his bedtime back -but just a bit, maybe an hour or so? Then they could get an (extra) hour on their own before bedtime.
Ultimately, it is not so much that I find James' demands completely shelfish and unrealistic; but I think his timing is appalling. The baby is BARELY 3 MONTHS OLD. And Valentina also has a toddler. At 3 months, babies are very needy, they are a little bundle of instincts, they wake up a lot, they need comfort, and no, you can't spoil them, James! Hey, when my daughter was 3 months old, I was JUST STARTING to get my head over water, and manage her care a bit better, and feel a bit less lost. I got the impression James III has his own bedroom, so Jayla would leave her parents' bed at some point in the near future too. And, newsflash, sex doesn't have to happen in bed, just before bed-time. There are other times and places. (And yes, I think a couple's sex life is important and should be nurtured.)
I understand a lot of you have done things differently, but that doesn't make anyone stupid, nor does it mean that 3 month old sleeping with her parents will be a spoiled brat.
To sum up, I think James' points are valid to a certain degree, but completely out of line AT THE MOMENT. Wait until the baby is 6-8 months old, and discuss them again. I should think 3 months worth of patience and tolerance is not much to ask for from a husband and father.

And just so you don't think I've gone all serious and preachy on you, have a look at this. A good laugh, a little present from me to you, my bossom friends. Ha. HA! MWAHAHA!

(I'm sleep deprived, don't judge me.)