Friday, April 28, 2006

The Many Faces of Matilda

I've now cut Matilda's hair a total of two times (just trimmed the fringe, but still...) and it still grows crazy. Things people have said about her hairstyle include:
"Does it grow like that?"
"Awww, is she having a bad hair day?"
"What a funky little hairstyle!"
"Oh look, her hair is like mine!" (From my hairdresser, who was sporting a mohawk at the time.)

and my personal favourite.....
"She looks like Woody Woodpecker."

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Current predictions are that when Matilda grows up, she'll think Mohawks are a hairstyle for Babies, and she'll want to do something reactionary and cutting edge with her hair, like use Breel Cream on it.

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My little fluffy-topped darling can now:

  • Crawl. I was in the toilet the other day (with the door open of course, thanks so much Domino,) and I looked up to see a smiley baby looking at me from the doorway. She had crossed half of the lounge and all of the kitchen to get to see me pee. Awww...
  • Pull herself up in her crib, bend down, pick up a toy, and straighten herself up again. She's so proud of herself when she does it that it's turned into a game; she'll pick her toy up, give it to me, and I have to put it back in her crib so she can repeat the performance.
  • Eat grown up food. I mean, I could just cry. If you hand her a whole banana, she sucks it until it mulchifies, and swallows it. She's also eaten sliced toast with Marmite (Peter is ecstatic at that -plus, he happily eats her leftovers) and sliced peppers that I was handing her from my salad. I honestly have NO idea how she manages to eat all of these things, she still doesn't have one single tooth in her pie-hole, but she's certainly come a long way since orange gloop. And to think that before I dared to stop whizzing her food, the health visitor had to ask me three times, and sit through my demostration of Baby CPR. That's first time mums for you.

She also tries to feed you her food (and disolves in giggles,) and she does this thing where she wants to chew on your nose... and if you turn away she puts both hands on your cheeks and turns your face towards her and then THERE IS THIS GAPING MOUTH AND HUGE PAIR OF GUMS COMING FOR YOU, OH DEAR GOD, THE GUMS... THEY'RE COMING... THEY'RE HUGE....AAAARGH!!!!!

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