Monday, July 24, 2006

Insania Sanguina Sufferers Unite and let's Kill Them All

I see, no one could bother to leave a comment to my last post eh? I'm not too impressed with you lot, I have to tell you. Is anyone even reading this wretched blog? Or did I imagine you all?

I tell you, now is very bad timing for crossing me. I seem to be coming down with a nasty case of insania sanguina (i.e. I'm going bloody mad.) I'm not kidding, the hormones were nothing that bad last time around. It feels like I'm always looking for a head to bite off (Ah... I love that expression. It feels almost cathartic saying it -the next best thing after doing it, really.) It's so weird it's almost funny. As you all know it's impossible to have a fight with Pete, so my hormonal mind's way of dealing with the rage (the rage) is to dream about having a fight with him during the night. Then I wake up so annoyed it's all I can do not to kick the poor guy, sleeping next to me unsuspecting. Or else, I make things up. Last week I was looking in the fridge for Matilda's yoghurt and couldn't find it. Cue in internal monologue: "Aaaaargh, where's the bloody yoghurt, I bet Pete ate it. I wish he would tell me when he finishes it so I can buy some more, he always does this, why do I have to remember everything around here, grrrrr, arf arf. Oh wait, here's the yoghurt, behind the (mountains of) cheese. Still, Pete COULD have eaten it, and if he had, he wouldn't have told me, so I wouldn't have bought some more, why do I have to remember everything around here, grrrrr, arf arf."

We get to see spud wave hi at our dating scan, on 24 August.

Matilda was invited to Atticus' birthday party last weekend and had a great time trying to keep up with the big kids. Actually, she was trying so hard she took her first step or twelve. She took one step, and then we placed her a bit further back and she started walking towards her daddy (twelve steps. We were counting.) At that point she sat down and started clapping herself, while I was squealing "She walked! She walked! Did you see that?" Since then she hasn't done it again, and I don't think she will until she sees Atticus and gets shamed into action again.
Also, now she can say tata (water) ba ba (bye-bye, while waving) dat (that, while pointing at something) tap-tap-tap (clap-clap-clap, and claps) uh (she means yes) and boo (while playing peeka-boo) -which is ultra-cute, because lt sounds like bew when she says it.

Matilda parties hard

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And goes on her first date:

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Sunday, July 16, 2006


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a. I'm Fat
b. I'm Pregnant.
c. I'm Fat and Pregnant.
d. What are you talking about Dahling, you're gorgeous.

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