Monday, August 07, 2006


Today it's Matilda's birthday. Happy Birthday my Thingy! It's been such a fun year to share with you. (Well, I'm feeling sentimental so I'm going to ignore the first couple of months -known around here as the Dark Age.)

One year on and Matilda has changed from Wrinkly Monkey-Baby to Cheeky Monkey Baby. If you haven't already, go read her birth-story.

Matilda at a few days old:

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And at 11 months:

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She is funny and determined, cheeky and fearless. She holds on to the headboard on the bed, says "Whee!" and falls backwards, and you HAVE to be there to catch her, or else. That's trust for you. She tries to stroke the cat and says "Oooooh... Oooooh..." while she does it. She walks holding my hand, she dances to music and she says so many words now... Cheese (pronounced "sheesh",) bye-bye (bee-bee,) cat, water (tata.) She also says Boobie (bew-bew. And points at me. Peter says he's daddy and I'm boobie.) She whistles -she whistles!!! Have you ever heard anything like this before? The first time she did it I almost had a heart attack -I thought she couldn't breathe! Then I noticed she was smiling. Like the cheeky, funny, funky little person she is.

Another installment for Matilda-The Musical:

I'm a little Fusspot
short and stout.
Here's my whine
and here's my pout.
When you hear me shrieking,
don't take fright,
pick me up and
squeeze me tight!


Vita said...

!!! :)

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undercoverpregnantlady said...

What a lovely little girl! We share a birthday. Only 32 years between us! (and 45 minutes, I was born at 22:30.)

Found your blog through NQM-UKAP. Hope you don't mind me dropping in :)

Chryssavghi said...

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