Monday, September 04, 2006

Biting the Boob that Feeds you

In case anyone was wondering, we're still alive; just too busy playing peek-a-boo with Matilda to write a post.
Last Thursday I had my 12 week scan and got to see Spud, who was kind enough to put on a show for our behalf. Matilda was generally a quiet fetus and hardly ever kicked, but Spud was doing sommersaults in there, reaching for his/her toes, waving his/her arms and generally being hyper. It was so much fun to watch, and everything looked fine:

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Matilda was with us for the scan, and although she seemed content chewing on my Maternity Notes, she apparently got the idea that she's going to be a Big Sister soon, because she decided to start walking that very evening. Yes, that's right, after a month-and-a-half of taking a few steps every few weeks, last Thursday she decided that the time was right, and started walking; she just suddenly let go and spent the next half hour walking up and down the room very pleased with herself, and hasn't stopped since. No more crawling for MY baby, and a lot less washing to do for me. Ah, the relief of not having to see the black patches on the knees of her trousers every evening. Now I can just go back to pretending that I think my floors are clean. Mwahahaha!

She's also cut both of her top teeth, and is coming up with so many new words constantly that I'm going to have to stop recording them (sigh...) She now nods and says "nuh" if you ask her a question and the answer is yes, and she's doing the actions along with many songs (she goes to singing groups twice a week. Yes, we're hot-housing our baby; only she enjoys it too much so I don't feel guilty!) She tries to hug and kiss the cat, and also kisses my belly a lot. She is just so unbelievably FUN. I keep thinking that this is as good as it's going to be, and that she'll start getting more difficult now that she's crawling/ walking /getting strong willed etc, but she just gets funnier and funnier. It's starting to look to me like this blog is turning into just post after post of what Matilda is doing now, and ramblings of how great she is. I'm sorry, I don't mean to be boring.

Thinking mummy is a riot:

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Incidentally, just so you don't think everything is just peachy and wonderful, you know, these lovely new teeth? Well, combined with hormonal pregnant boobs they make breastfeeding a bit less fun. I'm being all stiff upper lip here, if you want to be a bit more litteral you can substitute "less fun" for "similar to having a bikini wax performed by a nazi officer with a grudge." This has led to all sorts of fun scenarios, especially in public; Say I'm talking to someone and Matilda insists to nurse; you might overhear me sounding a bit like this:

Me: "Did you see that programme on Channel 4 last night? Yes, I did too, I thought it was -AAAAAAH...WOW THIS IS...UUUUGH...BLEEPING PAINFUL! -erm, yes, I thought it was very interesting. Yeah, sorry about that, I'm a bit sore these days."

Which makes me very motivated to try and distract Matilda when she asks to breastfeed. Now she's getting better at talking, this can be quite fun to do.

Matilda: "Boob! Boob!"
Me: "What's that? Book? You want mummy to read you a book?"
Matilda: (pulling my shirt) "Boob! Boob! Boob!"
Me: "No, SHIRT. This is mummy's SHIRT, that's right. Where's Matilda's SHIRT?"
Matilda: "Boobooboobooboob!"
Me:"I know, let's sing a song!" (Jumping up and turning the stereo on.)

You know when they tell you that you're going to show earlier with the second pregnancy? THEY'RE NOT LYING!

21 weeks pregnant with Matilda:

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14 weeks pregnant with Spud:

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And yes, there is just one in there, we checked!

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aten__ra said...

hello :) h giwta eimai annoyla ti kaneis???kai egw tha grapsw ellhnika sorry. Respect the newbies :P
na to xairesai to terataki soy, einai panemorfo.kai,mh to peis ston pete, alla soy moiazei offence,gia to terataki reference lew :P
oso gia to 2o,ti na pw.sygxarhthria kai...vasika ta exw xasei ligo giati den xerw ti allo lene se aytes tis periptwseis,so i'll just leave it at that.
Einai poly nwris akoma gia na xereis to fylo e?ee nai, ti lew?
tes pa, elpizw na eisai kala kai oso gia tis ormones ti na can freely take it out on your blog friends :) :) we are tough, we can take it!
polla filia se olous sas.


ps.pote tha se doyme???den boreis kai na taxidepseis twra...ayto shmainei oti prepei na erthoume emeis panw e??xmmmm....