Sunday, November 05, 2006

Twinkie, Twinkie Little Spud

Spud's 20 week scan was last Friday, and it was sooo good. Spud was swirling around as usual, sucking "its" thumb and being active -this baby seems to be moving constantly. I think we probably won't get any sleep for the next two years!

Here's Spud, in a rare moment of peace:

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Notice how different Matilda's profile was in her scan pictures? It's amazing how individual they can look at 20 weeks:

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And, most excitingly, we finally got to see bits! No more of that he/she business! In case you weren't looking closely enough in the picture above, I'll make it more clear for you:

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Spud is as boy as boy can be! Poor Matilda is going to get a stinky little brother to mess up her room (speaking from experience here) -Awwww!

I suspect she'll be able to take care of herself though. The child knows no fear. I've blogged before about what a climber she is, but recently she's really surpassed herself. She can now climb into her buggy, falling in it head first over the tray, and more impressively, she can get in her highchair on her own. This amazing feat involves:

1. Climbing on the coffee table.
2. Grabbing hold of the highchair tray.
3. Hauling herself onto the highchair tray.
4. Rotating and sliding into position in the seat.
5. Getting really excited and exclaiming "Tidda! Tidda!" (Translation: "Matilda! Matilda!" I.e: Look what I did, all by myself!)

She can also manage climbing on a slide all by herself, sitting down at the top and sliding down, with no help at all. This is amazing to me, because I am so afraid of heights that I still can't get up a ladder, and I must have been almost in the double digits before I got up on a slide on my own. (Err... no. You didn't just read that. You're making it up, ok?) I am really proud of her, but realistically I suspect I'll have to pay someone to follow her up the climbing frame.

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Another sthing she does is climb on the sofa, stand on the arm of the sofa, pick a book from the book case, sit down and read it (upside down!) Or if she's feeling a bit less independent, she'll bring me a book and pester me until I read it to her: "Iss! Iss! Iss! Iss! Boop! Boop!" (Translation: This! This! Book!) And she'll get this expression on her face:

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Could YOU say no to that?