Thursday, February 15, 2007

Of Blood, Poop and Greeks. (In No Particular Order.)

Spud is baking, baking, baking. Here's the oven at 36 weeks:

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Matilda is enjoying having her Yaya here to an indecent degree; After I made sure that my mum arrived at least a week B.S. (Before Spud) to give Matilda time to get used to her, Thingy took to her presence instantly, and wakes up and runs down to meet her every morning. I've been shopping and have everything ready for the birth; Birth Pool is ready, Hose cut to the right length, Video Camera loaded, Natalie's mobile phone on speed dial (not really...) I've bought Lansinoh, Infacol, Newborn Nappies, Breast Pads and those brilliant disposable Nappy-like panties for people with incontinence that were such a great discovery last time.... Ah, bliss. (Question: Does the fact that I get excited thinking of disposable incontinence underwear and post-partum bleeding mean I've abandoned my dainty girly days for good? ...Never mind.) Those of you that have given birth know what I'm talking about. The rest of you don't want to.

Pete (describing how he was preparing everything birth-pool related for the birth:) "And in the end, I cut my hose with a bread-knife."
Me: "That sounds like a good title for Splatter-Porn."

Matilda and Yaya:

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Notice, in the background, Sheep (a.k.a. The Infernal Mutton.) Sheep is a big favourite of Matilda's these days. She picks it up and plays with it, feeds it, puts it to sleep and generally showers it with affection. Unfortunately, this sometimes leads to the following scenario:

Scene: The bedroom. The calm of the night. Suddenly, Matilda wakes up.
Me: Night-night Matilda. Go to sleep, babe.
Matilda: Sheep! Baa, sheep!
Me: No, not sheep, sleep. Go to sleep.
Matilda: Sheep! Sheep! Sheep! Sheep! (After I've made the mistake the first couple of times to give her Sheep, thinking she might cuddle it and go to sleep:) Sheep!!! Aaaaaah, Sheep. (Hugs it) Tweeze Sheep! Boo, Sheep! Boo, Sheep!

Etc etc etc. Hence, Sheep has now been banished from the bedroom, renamed "The Infernal Mutton" and all mention of words rhyming with it is strictly forbidden after dark.

She's also started to seriously pick up some Greek, to my delight. She always asks for water in Greek now, and also says Mama, Baba (daddy,) Yaya (grandma -my mum,) Toui (gatouli -pussy-cat. Whatever, it's Greek enough for me!) Na to! (here it is, when asked where something is) Too-Too; Tza! (Greek Peeka-boo) and various other words that I can't think of right now. She repeats and understands a lot more, and it's a huge progress from the zero interest in Greek that she had 2-3 weeks ago. She can also sing various songs, and count to 10. Well, almost. About 80% of the time it's "1,2,3,5,6,7,8,9,10 -Tap tap tap! (clap clap clap)" I don't know what she has against the number four. And also, she tends not to stop, when she starts -she hasn't quite gotten that you're supposed to be counting what's in front of you. But still, we're proud.

Recently, she's started announcing when she's having a poo, or about to have a poo. So we bought her a potty, and IF she ever expresses an interest she gets to sit on it (and do nothing,) and also poo gets mentioned an awful lot around our house these days. Combine this with a pregnant bladder, and the fact that I'm out and about a lot and you get the following scenario:

Scene: A public bathroom in a shop, usually a book shop. Matilda is in with me, because, well, where else would she be?
Me: (Sitting on the toilet)
Matilda: Mummy Poo! Mummy Poo! *giggle giggle*
Me: (mental image of people waiting outside, suddenly remembering they need to be somewhere else) Nooooo. Mummy pee! Say it, Matilda. Mummy Pee!

Here's wishing that the next post I make is about Spud's Birth.

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