Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Art of Perfect Timing

Or how to have a surreal weekend.

Remember, my due-date was Monday 5thof March.

Friday evening, Matilda had a temperature, but nothing major. We took a urine sample to hospital and it showed she had a urinary tract infection (again!) so we started her on antibiotics. Saturday noon, Matilda had a seizure. We went to hospital where she had ANOTHER seizure that evening, so we were admitted and she got intravenous antibiotics. I scared everyone when I announced I was due MONDAY -and I started feverently hoping Spud would hold tight for a while, until things got better.
On Sunday, Matilda was better but still feverish, and we were told we'd stay another night. I called Natalie to tell her what had happened, and that if I needed her she should pick up some things from my house and meet me in hospital. (Hypnobirthing cd and camera, basically.)
At 00:30 Monday Morning, Peter came to wake me up so I could take over Matilda-watch and he could sleep. As I was getting out of bed, my waters broke. Contractions started immediately at 4-5 mins appart. Went in and told Peter "I have bad news, my waters broke." I lied down with Matilda for a few minutes, while Peter went to call Natalie and to let the delivery suite know I'd be coming up. (They told me I needn't come up just because my water had broken, and I should wait -The Fools! The Innocent Fools!) Natalie arrived as soon as possible and we left Peter with Matilda and made our way to the delivery suite. At that point, it was around 01:30, and my contractions were feeling very strong, but I was very frightened, because I didn't know if it was because I was making progress or because I was stressed about Matilda, being in hospital, and feeling more pain because my membranes had ruptured. When we got there, the midwife examined me (after faffing around with blood pressure, temperature and generally walking out the room for several minutes at a time -she obviously didn't believe I was THAT far along.) I was 6 cm dilated, and got in the loooovely birthing pool they had filled for me. I had, maybe, 1-2 contractions on the way to the pool. Natalie called for Peter to be sent down, and I had another contraction while he was walking from Matilda's ward to delivery; this one felt a bit "pushy" and I was surprised and alarmed. Peter arrived, and I immediately felt like seriously pushing -at that point I didn't get a break at all between pushes, just very very powerful urge to push (and scream.) I saw the midwife pick up the poop-scoop to scoop up some stool from the pool and put it right down again; (obviously she thought Spud was going to fly out and hit the wall if she didn't catch him on time, and decided I'd have to swim with the poopies for a bit -teeheehee.) Spud was born (head and body) with one push at 2:45 Monday morning, on his due date.

Philip Thomas weighs 3kg 900gr (or 8lbs 9oz) has blue eyes, a little bit of blond fuzz on his head and is the spitting image of Peter's dad, we think.

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Chryssavghi said...

Sigxaritiria gia to mikro sas!!!! Na sas zisei!! Ine glikas!!! Polles afxes apo emas!!! ise kala Annoula? Filakia!!!

Anonymous said...

Many, many congratulations! :)

/Kirsten (from NQM-UKAP)

Lisa said...

Congratulations Anna and family! Haven't commented here for ages but I am keeping an eye - welcome to the world baby Philip.