Friday, April 13, 2007

ER: Easter Regular

On Easter Sunday this year, we loaded our babies in the car and made our way to Hospital. Laden with carrier bags, we walked to the children's ward. ( Peter: I think I could walk around this hospital with my eyes closed now. Me: Yeah... I still have to follow you to make sure I don't take a wrong turn. Peter: Well, yes, but I wouldn't expect anything else. Me: How rude. I'd walk out, but I can't remember the way.) As we reached the entrance to the Children's ward, a nurse looked up from her desk, and a look of recognition spread on her face. "We're not sick!" I quickly called out, and she waved at us happily, and let us in. Matilda started exploring around, we gave them the Easter goodies we had brought them, and everyone cooed over Philip ("He was being born last time we saw you!") Ok, this time our visit was a happy occasion, but you have to agree, when the nurses at your local hospital know your child by name, and you know the names of their children, there's something wrong with your life.

Not that we managed to complete the month without ANY health scares. Matilda did get sick smack on Good Friday, (always true to her comic effect timing) and much panic ensued, but it turned out to be a virus, and she stayed mercifully free of any seizures.

Matilda at the beach, burying the bodies of her enemies:

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No, not really, but she was just recovering from her virus, and was in a nasty mood.

Matilda, just now, to crying Philip: "Don't cry Philip. Walk and nap!"

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