Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Yesterday I was feeling a little sad, and I was complaining to Peter; I wasn't crying or anything, but I guess I was talking in a sad voice. Matilda leapt into action:

"You're not sad anymore! Mummy, you're not sad anymore! Look, Daddy is coming! Daddy, mummy is not sad anymore." Then she sat on my lap and was trying to cheer me up. "Look mummy, a cheese pig! Look, a cheese cow; Moo!" (She was eating a piece of cheese at the time.) And after that she started cuddling me and saying "Don't cry my little honey, said Babycakes. Don't cry, Mummy-my-honey." This is a quote from a book she loves to read, Bunny my Honey. Don't cry my little honeys, said Mummy Rabbit.

There are many ways of being gifted, I guess. A child can be an early reader, or an early writer, or a talented artist or athlete. Or she could be empathetic, instantly judging other people's mood and wanting to comfort them, and drawing from her own experiences to find suitable tools. At 25 months, Matilda can sing the alphabet song, recognise all upper case letters, tell you which phonic sound a word starts with, count to 20, and knows many, many songs and rhymes by heart. But I would choose her empathy over her other gifts in an instant.

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