Sunday, December 23, 2007

...said the little girl

Either Matilda is getting an amazingly vivid imagination, or is getting multiple personalities.

In the past few weeks she has developed several distinctive "personas," people that she likes to pretend to be. This is very important to her, and she will often stay "in character" for the whole day. When she's "in character," she corrects you if you call her Matilda ("I'm Elizabeth!") so we started asking her who she is in the morning. (Alzheimers? Alien abduction? "Who are you and what have you done to my child!")Luckily for us, she has also developed "props" that clue us in to what personality she has adopted. So far we have:

Elizabeth: Elizabeth has two pigtails high on the sides of her head. She is modeled after the actual Elizabeth, a little girl from playgroup. She's about a year older than Matilda, so there's not much difference between them. Matilda comes over and says "I want to be Elizabeth," I give her her pigtails, and then she goes around calling herself Elizabeth. End of story.

Carla: Carla has a little ponytail. She is a baby. She is modeled after Carly, a little girl in a book. Carla says "Yup!" and "Nope!" a lot. Quite often, she wears dungarees.

The Lady: Now this is spooky. I have no idea who The Lady is, and where she got her from. She could be any "lady" from her books, or tv. I also have yet to identify the "props." Certainly, The Lady (said with a certain gravity, so you can hear the capital letters!) is a distinct persona. She is a bit bossy and likes posing and preening infront of the mirror (aaargh!) Matilda has been The Lady for two days now. She has also insisted on wearing a pink t-shirt for two days now, so this could be The Lady's prop -who knows?

Catty Girl: Catty Girl is a cat. She has painted whiskers on her face. She says mew mew mew. Well, she's a cat, so she can't stay in character for long. It's restrictive.

Various other animals: She's been a tiger, a sheep, an elephant, a zebra... anytyhing that catches her fancy.

The Narrator: The Narrator is always with us. She speaks in the third person, and informs us what all the other characters are doing. I suspect The Narrator was developed to help us identify "who she is being" (we were having to ask this question rather often lately.)

When Matilda is "in character" she also speaks in third person. All the time. (The Narrator -see above.)
"I want my vest, said Carla."
"Can I have some cheese please, said the little girl."

And even, on a memorable occasion (last night):

(The Lady is spooky. Seriously. The others are a bit like imaginary friends, but The Lady makes it sound like she's channeling a victorian ghost. Peter and I are thinking of teaching her to whisper "I see dead people...")

Here's Matilda being Elizabeth:


Another game Matilda likes to play, is storytelling; It goes like this:

Me: Once upon a time, there was a...
Matilda: Little Boy!
Me: And his name was....
Matilda: Fabio! (huh?)
Me: Fabio lived with his...
Matilda: Dog!
Me: whose name was...
Matilda: Rusty!
Me: Ok, once upon a time, there was a little boy, Fabio, who lived with his dog, Rusty. One day, Rusty said "I feel....
Matilda: Bored!
Me: So he went and sat into his...
Matilda: car! (goes and sits behind the sofa cushion, that she often pretends is a car.)
Me: Ok. So Rusty's carm was special. He could sit in it and drive it, but to everyone else, it looked like a....
Matilda: Dragon!
Me: So everytime Rusty went out with his car, the people started yelling "Help, help, a Dragon!" and ran away. Sometimes, they were running away so fast that they fell into.....
Matilda: The sea!

You get the picture. It's enormous fun! By the way, Rusty also had two magic sticks (two spoons) and when you hit them, they made "echoes." I love how her mind works.


Not that Philip is not coming on too.
Things Philip can do at 9,5 months:

Crawl (so what else is new?)
Point at things he wants.
Give kisses. He puckers up, leans towards you and says "Mmmmmmmmmmmmm ah!" It's beyond cute.
Say "Cat." Or rather, "K't! K't!" But we think he means cat.
Sign more, drink, and daddy.
Bite! He has two teeth.

Things Philip can NOT do, apparently:

Sleep. Ummm... yeah.



"Quick, let me eat this before Scrabble gets it!" (Happens more often than you think...)


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Sounds like lots of fun to be a kid at your house! They are absolutely adorable!