Friday, December 14, 2007

Story time

Matilda was sitting on the bed, playing with two of my rings. Earlier on,she was pretending that the rings were butterflies. Then she dropped one on the ground, picked it up and continued playing. I transcribed her story telling as best as I could, as it was happening:

We’re back, they shouted! We’re back!

(What are they being, Matilda? Are they being butterflies?)

They’re being aliens. We zoomed to the ground! We landed on the bed!
We’re back, they shouted. We had a lovely time, playing with our friends… We zoomed down to the floor.
(refering to when she dropped the rings on the floor) After aliens zoom away, they have to come back. They used the magic wand, and they flew to the sky… Weee! All zoomed away. And they LANDED on the ground… POP! Is… Are aliens love underpants, on their head and feet?

What have we got??? What have the aliens got, mummy? An underpant…
Just wait and see, they say… They all zoomed away… They got their unterpantses… And they zoomed, and zoomed and zoomed… Then they will be back tomorrow. They were gone, in their aeroplane. Well done! They zoomed, and they zoomed…. And WEE! Over head they zoomed, and zoomed… Then POPPED onto the ground… It made them feel HAPPY!
(sad voice) They were crying… He left the (…) and he made them HAPPY! They said “We’re back, because you were crying.” And they went back in the aeroplane. Yipee! We’re all right! (sings)

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