Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yay for Christmas! Yay for Charity Shops! Lookie what I found during my latest expedition to my beloved Charity Shop...


(The Cube, not the baby...) At less than £2, it ranks up there with barley the rocking horse (also pictured) as the best Charity Shop find ever!

Matilda is practicing her penmanship. She does NOT draw anything recognisable, not faces or stick figures, and she refuses to try making letters, or even connect-the-dots. But she will fill in things that we've already written very meticulously, so at least she's learning to hold and control the pen. ("Matilda, do you want to do some writting?" "NO! I am doing PRETEND writting!")
And yes, this is hanging on our kitchen cupboards.


In an effort to stop Christmas from becoming the "gimme-gimme" fest that it is for so many children, we had a chat with Matilda about giving presents. We said that on Christmas we get presents and we give presents. When we get presents we are happy, and when we give someone else presents, it makes them happy. So we asked Matilda to take a plastic bag and fill it with toys she doesn't play with very much any more, and then we will take it to the shop and give it to children that don't have these toys. Well that went down well, and she ended up filling 3 super market bags, and spending the rest of the evening unearthing toys and saying "I want to give THIS to the children too! I love my sweet girl. We took the bags to the Charity Shop last night -now I have to make sure I don't buy them again next time I visit!

"Happy Mucky People"


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Woman's Place is in the Kitchen


So, I had a driving lesson today, with a new instructor (long story.)

He said: "The way I was taught is to give people examples they can relate to, from their own lives."

Then he proceeds to explain to me why I shouldn't be too heavy on the breaks when stopping the car.

"If you want to answer the door, or the phone, and your children are in the way, you don't just give them a shove, because they'll go flying and hit the wall. You just gently lead them out of the way."

He continues to say that my braking starts off really nice and gentle, until the last moment, when I slam it on.

"Say you've just cooked a delicious meal, and it's in the oven, and you get distracted and leave it 5 minutes too long... So it just burns a bit at the top. You've just put all this effort cooking a lovely dinner, why ruin it at the very end?"

Seriously, I need to get a job


Monday, December 15, 2008

Randomness (Much A-post About Nothing)

Recent Matilda-isms:

Matilda: "I WAAAANT MIIIILK!!!!!"
Peter: "You have to say something that ends in "-eese."
Matilda: "The cat sat on the cheese."
Much hilarity follows.


Marilena was poking Matilda's nose and generally messing with her.

Matilda: "What are you doing Marilena?"
Marilena: "I'm just playing with you."
Matilda: "But I am not a toy!"

Matilda: "Babies are born in the hospital."
Me: "Well, some babies are, and some babies are born at home. You were born here, in the kitchen. We had a swimming pool, and mummy was having a swim, and you were born in the water, like a baby fish."
Matilda: "I know! Your butt could be the egg! Because fish come out of eggs!"


Not much else new to report. We have heard from our social worker, who is busily working to make our homestudy as strong as possible before our panel in March. She has contacted a medical expert on Down's Syndrome (I don't know who it is,) who was very supportive and enthusiastic about our adoption. He said that the fact that Matilda and Philip are so young will be an advantage, because the child we adopt will have more stimulation and peer behaviour to model and it would give it a very good start for future developement. This is great news, because we have been warned that Matilda and Philip's ages will be a problem for many Local Authorities (the rule of thumb is that they want to have at least two years between your youngest child and the child you are adopting.) This expert's support, in combination with some hints the social worker has been dropping, makes me think that they might end up considering us for a wider age-range than what they originally said.

We went to a little Christmas Party last weekend. Here's Matilda doing some very groovy dance moves, I think you'll agree:

Philip was just so happy going around the tables, hoovering up as much food as he could reach.


Last night, Philip got the Sesame Street song "Big Bird doesn't Fly" stuck in his head, and kept singing it to his bedtime, and beyond. Guess how long it took us to get him to sleep. No, guess. (A loooong time!)

Help, the blankets ate Philip's head!

"And Lo, Verily, You Have Been Healed!"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sooo... I was idly looking around on Ebay

...as you do when you have two toddlers, right? And I found this:



Story : (sic)
Colic is a syndrome found in infants, causes the infants continueously cry for hours. The reason behind this illness can be considered to many factors, and some people even believe that it's probably a sign linked to something supernatural. In Colic, the movie, tells a story of a couple Pongpob and Praeploy who rush to wedding when Praeploy is unexpectedly pregnant. To settle down, after the wedding, Pongpob brings his wife Praeploy to his mother's house located in an outskirts. The night before Praeploy will deliver the child, she witnesses a house next to hers is on fire. When the baby is delivered, and is brought to their house, he often terribly screams and cries with no reason. The doctor considers the baby is a case of colic ailment, but the ailment would disappear when the baby turns 3 to 6 months old. Several months later, the baby still couldn't stop crying while the family's members encounter to mysterious and unexplained experiences.

Yes, the Thai have made a horror movie about a baby who won't shut up. I need to watch this!

Have a look at this little gem. It's old, but timeless (isn't it though?)

Off to idle some more now!

Monday, December 08, 2008

Smother You With Cuteness

This is my new action plan. You can't resist.

How Apt, No?

You Are a Self Help Book!

While your advice is not always welcome...

It's always right on target.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Everybody got haircuts last night -and high time it was too!

Matilda is sporting her trademark bob again, and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out, and Peter looks the same way he always looks when he gets a haircut (his hair is easy...)



Philip though... He just wouldn't sit still. So I chopped a bit off, and it was shorter than I intended it to be, then a chopped another bit off and he moved his head... Long story short, I had to get the clippers out to fix it.


Look at my little boy... All his beautiful hair is gone! Waaah! I know lots of people cut their boys' hair like that, but I liked him looking all soft and artistic. Now he looks like a little recruit. Be honest with me, how bad is it? (Waaah!)



PS: I got a haircut too, but I will spare you my mugshot.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A pound for a pound?

(EDIT: I put a future date on this post so it stays at the top of my blog. I will edit it every week with weight loss updates. Thanks everyone!)

TUESDAY 23 SEPTEMBER: Starting off at 21 stone 10 lbs. I've been having a bad weight loss week (made chocolate cake... bad Anna!) so I will be pleased if I even stay the same weight for next week.
TUESDAY 30 SEPTEMBER: Have I said I love this diet? I LOVE this diet! I did lose after all, I lost 3 lbs! Current weight 21 stone 7 lbs, - 3lbs this week.
TUESDAY 9 OCTOBER: Weightloss this week zero, zilch, nothing, none at all. Roughly the opposite of the chocolate chip biscuits I've been eating. I'm being really good this week though, hold on to your wallets! Current weight 21 stone 7 lbs, - 0lbs this week.
TUESDAY 14 OCTOBER: GAH! Gah gah gah. I didn't lose this week either. Ok, I get it for the previous week, but this week I thought I was being reasonably good. Ok, now I'm PISSED. Current weight 21 stone 7 lbs, - 0lbs this week.
TUESDAY 21 OCTOBER: Aaaand she's back! 4 pounds lost this week, thank you very much. Phew, what a relief. Current weight 21 stone 3 lbs, - 4lbs this week.
Tuesday 2 December: I've not been very good at updating, have I??? Still, weight loss is continuing, even if it's slow (sorry Anna!) Current weight 20 stone 11 lbs, loss up to now 13 lbs (or a bit shy of 6 kg for the Greeks, blech... should be more!)
Tuesday 16 December: Weight loss this week: 3 lbs. Current weight 20 stone 8 lbs, loss up to now 16 lbs. Ok, if I manage to lose 4 lbs this week, I'll hit my 20 lbs before Christmas target! £20 is a nice amount to donate isn't it? ;)

As you may or (hopefully) may not know, I've put on quite a lot of weight since I met Peter. If you don't believe me just ask pretty much everyone that felt the need to comment on it when I was in Greece (to rephrase: just ask just about anyone I met in Greece.) Since for the first time in the past four years I am not post partum or pregnant, I decided it's finally time to do something about it -I joined Weight Watchers. It's going quite well so far and I am steadily losing weight, but for that extra kick, I decided to do a Sponsored Weight Loss. I am looking for people that may want to commit to donating a set amount of money to Reece's Rainbow for every lb I lose from now until Christmas. RR is a recognised charity that facilitates international adoptions of children with Down’s Syndrome, who would otherwise face short, unhappy lives in mental institutions.


With my sponsored weight-loss I am trying to gather some funds for the adoption of a specific little girl: Four-year-old Anna, from Eastern Europe. At this time, Anna doesn’t have any grants in aid of her adoption, or a family committed to adopting her. She has a heart defect (ASD) but she can walk, run, jump and climb and is a very social, active little girl. In her country, children with special needs are transferred to mental institutions shortly after their 4rth birthday –Anna’s 4rth birthday was last spring.

If you would like to commit to donating any amount you feel comfortable with for every lb I lose, please leave a comment or email me. I will weigh myself at Weight Watchers every Tuesday evening and announce my current weight and loss for the week here. You can donate via paypal or cheque, to my address or directly to Reece's Rainbow (please specify for Anna's Sponsored Weightloss.) You are welcome to donate every week or to just keep track and do one lump sum donation at the end of your sponsorship. And obviously, you are free to end your sponsorship whenever you like. Any amount we manage to put together will make a difference to Anna.

Thanks :)

Short and Sweet

Q: If you're Matilda, you're pretending to be a cat, and your mummy has taken you to the hairdresser, what is likely to happen?

A: A fur-cut.

As in: "Mummy, are you getting a furcut?" (Only if it's that time of the month dear.)

Re-Born Again:

Here is my latest on ebay, Joshua:



Here is his auction link if you feel like cheering him on.

And Christopher is now featured on http://www.fauxbaby.net/id7.html on their "Promising New Artists" page, after the site owner saw him, and contacted me to ask me for permission. Thank you, thank you.....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who me?

My, how time flies when you're having fun (and watching lots of dvds with Marilena!) Many thanks to the nice person who asked for an update... It's nice to remember that there are people reading what I write!

Around here, nothing has happened, and a lot has happened. On the adoption front, we had a little change of plan. Our panel meeting (when we will be approved to adopt -after that, we could find our child any day; and equally it might take months,) is now set for March. I had gotten excited about getting it out of the way before Christmas, so I am feeling more than a little disappointed. But there are many things to be done before the new little miss joins us, so... I'll just have to plod on and wait. (I know from previous -pregnancy- experience that time doesn't pass; Peter has clear memories of me frothing at the mouth the last couple of weeks before Matilda and Philip were born. Now, thinking back, it's like "What was all the fuss about? They won't stay in forever!")

Our social worker is a bit spooked by the reborns, I think. I did explain that I'm selling them, and I'm not just keeping disembodied heads with half the hair pulled out on my shelves for decorative purposes; still, when she visited the other day she did get quite the look on her face when she saw this:


I keep telling Pete we ought to place some melted candles between them.

Philip has spent a month of teething hell, when he got all four of his molars at the same time. He also seems to have hit the stage when his communication skills are really developing. He says "yes" now, with great enthusiasm. I can have a meaningful conversation with him, say, about whether he wants breakfast, and what he would like the breakfast to be. His vocabulary is also increasing, with the most notable additions being "Go Eeee!" (Go Away! -Said to us every time we offer him something he doesn't want, or try to snuggle him against his will) "A funny!" (Said with great gusto every time anyone laughs or when Philip thinks he has made a joke)and "Mmmmm! Nice!" When he is eating something he likes, or when he is trying to feed you something. He also loves blowing kisses and giving hugs.



This, according to Marilena, is the video "when Philip does nothing." She thought it was very funny. I kept trying to get him to show us his new skills, but he was just being very very silly. Still, I think it's too cute (I'm biased.)

Matilda is just a hoot. Every day she says something and I think "I'm going to blog about this," but then life goes on and I don't :(
But you asked me for an update (poor unsuspecting Anonymous) so now I will... Mwahaha!

It's been an ongoing battle to try and teach Matilda to say please (instead of just screaming "Mooooore! I want mooore BREAD!!!") Peter -being English- finds this especially important, and has employed several methods to try to encourage it, not all of which sound very...erm...sane.

Peter: Quack.
Matilda: Please. I want milk please.

His latest is that if Matilda doesn't ask for something nicely, he will count to 50 (or to 100, depending on how rude she was) before he gives it to her. He even gets Matilda to help. Hey, it's educational in many ways at the same time, and Matilda is remarkably good spirited about it.

The other day, we had the following conversation:

Me: Matilda, that's not nice. You have to ask nicely.
Matilda: (in a very rude voice, with a very grumpy face,) PLEASE!
Me: Well, that's better, but you have to use a nice voice too. You have to say please, in a nice voice.
Matilda: NO! YOU have to say please!
Me: No I don't. You say please when you're asking people to do something for you. You want me to give you this, I don't want anything from you.
Matilda: No, you are wrong! You have to say please, because you're asking me to say please! You have to say "Please, Matilda, can you say please?"
Me: ..................

A couple of days ago, Matilda was pretending to be a cat, and we were being a bit too loud.
Matilda: It's too loud! It's hurting my triangle ears!

Who would have guessed, my daughter is playing "doctor"!!!!

Re-born again Update:
Yes, I'm still doing it. To the poster who asked me how long it takes, it depends on how many hours you spend doing it a day. Roughly, it takes me a couple of Philip's nap times to paint one, and about a week or two of rooting whenever I remember to sit down and do it (I know, how professional!) It's really nice though, I love it and they do seem to sell, and I do seem to be improving every time I make a new one. This one is Christopher, I sold him yesterday:



There are a couple of other things that I've been meaning to talk about, but they have to wait for another post. To help you deal with the disappointment, here are some pictures of Matilda practising her jumps:




Saturday, November 01, 2008

OMG, I'm not a virgin anymore!

A reborn virgin, I mean. Yesterday, 31 October of the Year of Our Lord 2008, this humble reborner sold her first baby on Ebay. AND!!! Made a profit of £15.



Yes, Marilena thought it was very fitting that Frankie sold on Halloween, as she had originally suggested I use him for a Halloween prop, but she doesn't really appreciate the cutenes of ugly babies. On the other hand, I do, after having fallen in love with this face:


By the way, guess what... Turns out that matilda and Philip DID look like each other after all:



Marilena likes really beautiful faces, like this one: (This is Christopher, my latest reborn which will soon hit Evilbay.)




Latest Matilda-isms:

Matilda has developed her understandingn of the concept of borrowing. As in, every time she wants to take something away from you, she says she will borrow it. She uses this especially frequently when she wants to eat some of your food, as in "Mummy, can I please, just for one minute, borrow your chips?" (And when exactly are you planning to return them? Hmmm?)

Apparently it doesn't work both ways though,because yesterday, I was using her xylophone to balance something on my lap. If I recall correctly, the conversation went something like this:

"Give my my xylophone! It's MINE!"
"Matilda, I'm just borrowing it for a minute."
"NO!!! You're NOT borrowing it! You STOLE IT!!!"

A few days ago I was getting her ready for bed, and kissing her tummy in the process. I said "I love your tummy." And she replied "No, you love ALL of my body!" So true...

Here is Philip being a "Bee-baff" (giraffe)


For some reason Philip has developed an unshakable conviction that "No" means "Yes." And I mean, literally. Observe:

Philip whining in front of the fridge.
Me: "Philip, what do you want?"
Philip: "Whine! Whiiiine MEEEEEK! whine whine..."
Me: "You want some milk?"
Philip: (very definately, and with some conviction, turns his teary eyes towards me and proclaims:) "NO!!!"
Me: Ok, no milk.
Philip: "SHRIIIIIIEK!!!!! MEEEEK!!!!!!!"
Me: "Oh, it was THAT kind of no."

Me:"Philip, do you want to watch Maisy on telly?"
Philip: (with a large grin on his face, running to the telly:) "No!!! Maisies!"

See? No means yes. Next thing you know, he'll be campaigning against women's right to vote. Mark my words...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

This and That

A few days ago I woke up by Matilda putting a pillow over my head. I opened my eyes and she smiled and said "I'm playing peekaboo with you."
Today, she was running around and she bumped her knee quite badly. The skin didn't break, but she started to bruise right away -sort of like a haematoma. She was crying and saying "I don't want to be DARK pink! I want to be LIGHT pink!"

Potty training is still happening, in stops and starts. I have to admit that it probably largely has to do with me being a bit lazy about the idea of having wee on the sofa, or having to be around constantly to remind her. (Both Matilda and Philip are quite independent in their play, so I often find myself in another room doing something else.) But she is getting it, and I'm planning on keeping her in pants all this week to see if it finally happens. This evening she was sitting on the sofa and she forgot herself and started weeing... She was so funny, holding on to her "bits" and saying "Sorry! Sorry! Ooops! Sorry!" She made it to the potty to finish the job, so it wasn't too bad.


I found this video of two little girls dancing - they both have Down's Syndrome. The one playing the guitar is 8 years old, and the one at the front, dancing, is 5. I'm posting the video here with their mum's permission. Watch the little girl dancing, and the watch the video in the post below, with Philip dancing. That's what I meant when I said our daughter will be the same as Matilda and Philip, but just do things a bit later.

On the adoption front, by the way, we have been given a panel date of 17 December. After that, it's just a matter of finding our baby! Given the age that we know Social Services would place with us (not younger than 4 months, not older than a year,) it's very likely that our baby is already born -she's probably lying in her cot right now, somewhere in the country. This thought blows my mind! I can't wait to meet her...

Friday, October 10, 2008


When Peter comes home from work, he does some light housework:

(Otherwise known as "YOU! A HORSE!" -Matilda's battlecry enytime she sees anyone bending down.)

Jumping up and down saying "Bing! Bing! Bing!"
"Dee Auffff" (Get up!)
Aaaand the lesser known "Old Macdonald" verse: "And at this farm he had a willy, ee-i-ee-o-o. With a piddle piddle here, and a piddle piddle there..."

"...dig in the dancing queen..."

Re-born Again:

I've been working quite a lot on my reborns: This is Frankie
I'm especially proud of Frankie, because for several months he was a disembodied, half-rooted head perched on my bookshelf. He actually looked so hideous that Peter's mum used to turn him facing the other way when she visited (and only admitted to doing so recently.) Yes, Frankie is short for Frankenstein. But he looks rather cute now.

And this is Jotham. I think he looks very sweet and cheeky with his red hair. (the colours look odd because I took the photo after dark in our kitchen.)

Helpless Hilarity:
The funniest video ever. Seriously, all of us (me, Peter and Marilena) have watched that, and found it impossible not to laugh. Every time. In my case, I've watched it a dozen times (thanks to Philip being obsesed with it.) Still cracks me up.

Leave me a comment, tell me if you managed to watch it without laughing.

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