Saturday, January 12, 2008

What do you mean that was a month ago?

Happy New Year!

This is going to be a great year... A year when a lot of good things happen to this family. I can just tell. Shhh... I can't really say anything more specific yet, but I'll keep you posted as soon as anything is certain (NO I'm not pregnant.)

As 2007 ends, I'm greatful for many things.

My wonderful "blond angel" husband, who puts up with me and loves me even though he's clearly mad to do so... And who has an open mind and an open heart and listens to my crazy ideas.

My cozy house. Yes, it's small. But when we walked through the door and saw it for the first time, I thought "This is the home of a happy family." I couldn't sleep for three nights until the owners accepted our offer to buy it. Now it's ours and yes, it IS the home of a happy family.

My cute babycakes. My Muddy the Cat, Splatty the Frog, Lappy the whatever-Lappy-is, who sings and dances her way around the house, holds my ear to fall asleep, and gives the best cuddles in the world. Who says "Make me happy mummy" when she feels sad, and I have to tickle her.

We're being elephants. Like our trunks?


My little boy, my Belly Philip, my Phips. Who blows kisses, claps his hands like a mad thing, and wants to sleep cuddled next to me at night. (Yes, generally speaking, people don't want to encourage this. But I like it.)


Has it really been over a month since I last blogged? It's time for an update then...

Matilda is more Matilda than ever. ("No! More LAPPY than ever!")We finally found out who Lappy is. Lappy is the name she gave to one of the ladies that sing on her favorite dvd. Her sidekick is Lon. Lon is a little girl with curly hair, also on the dvd. Usually played by me, but occasionally also anything with a curl (out phone with a curly cord. A curly-wool style scarf. A lamb.)

She's being a squirrel:


She can play I-Spy now. Only the little stinker doesn't want to let me take a turn. And insists on spying things that are not in the room. Observe:

We're in the kitchen
Me: I spy with...
Matilda: Ispywithmylittleeyesomethingthatbegins with....S!
Me: Salt? Stickytape? Spoon?
Matilda: How about Sea? (looks very pleased with herself.)
Me: Matilda, you have to be able to see the thing you spy. My turn now. I spy...
Matilda: Ispywithmylittleeyesomethingthatbegins with....S!
Repeat until you admit that Sea is a good thing to spy in a kitchen.

She is also getting better at her phonics and can now tell you that C-A-T is cat (or daddy, if she's bored and wants you to stop pestering her.)

Her counting is coming on nicely too.

Matilda: I want a biscuit! I WANT A BISCUIT! *munch munch munch* MORE BISCUIT! *munch munch munch* I WANT ANOTHER BISCUIT!
Me: Matilda, how many biscuits have you had? Two biscuits. That's enough. You can have more biscuits tomorrow.
Matilda: But I want THREE biscuits!

And she is cheeky. To her daddy,who was changing her nappy and chatting to her about something or other.

"What are you talking about, you silly old man?"

Me: Matilda, come here, I want to give you a kiss.
Matilda: No.
Me: Please?
Matilda: No.
Me: But I want to kiss you!
Matilda: But you can't!


Philip likes clapping on demand, bouncing up and down, and screaming at Matilda. He waves hello and bye bye. He also says Hello (hayyyaa) bye bye (baba) Cat (At! At!) Daddy (randomly, but sometimes to Peter.)

Party Animals:


A typical day at our house. Aren't they precious? Notice the welt between Philip's eyebrows where Matilda thwacked him, and Matilda's hairstyle from when she found my jar of Vaseline and covered her hair with it. Like I said, a typical day at our house.


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GORGEOUS kids...gorgeous pics!