Thursday, February 28, 2008

Reading Pleasure.

This blog was brought to my attention by Sarah. Read it. Seriously. It is bleeping hilarious. I was laughing out loud and Philip was laughing too. (Ok, for no reason whatsoever. Still...)

So go read it. You'll thank me. (Unless you are Marilena or Andreas. Then the 2 paragraphs a day you can bear to make yourself read should probably be contained on my own blog.)

Temper, Temper...

I had the most interesting time trying to put Philip down for a nap today; (as in "may you live in interesting times.") He has adopted a wooden laddle as his new favorite toy and would. not. be. sepparated. from it. If his fingers lost contact with the handle for a second, his body went completely rigid, his fists clenched, he frowned, eyes wide opened, and YELLED. Not cried, not screamed. This was the sound of pure anger. So I tried to boob him while he was holding the thing, which didn't work, due to the fact that he insisted on waving it around happily and kept hitting himself on the head with it. (Not very conductive to sleep, you might argue*)(*unless you do it hard enough, I suppose.)Then I tried boobing him with his spoon-wielding arm tucked in my armpit, but that wasn't good enough, he couldn't swing to his heart's content, so he yelled at me again. We tried several positions with and without the spoon (what will it be today ma'am, concussion or ear-drum rupture?)until he succumbed. A looong time later.

He really is a determined little person. He is a very sunny, contented baby most of the time, but he knows what he wants. And if you're within earshot, soon you know as well. And he will not be distracted either. I really hope he comes along with his speech soon, because I can tell he'll be a toddler you reason with.

Philip brandishing his spoon:

Matilda was eating spaghetti today.
Matilda: (picking up up a spaghetti (spaghetto?) and pulling it) An amoeba...STRETCH! Look, TWO amoebas!

I love nerdlings!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

What Anna Did

Look who got a haircut! I'm quite pleased with it, but I'm partial to short hair.



And also, Introducing my latest project. I am in the process of getting registered as a childminder (yay! More kids in the house!) so I got a collection of Cabbage Patch Kids in various skin tones and ethnicities for the children to play with. Well, Cabbage Patch Kids thoughtfully produce dolls of all races, but there are no dolls with disabilities in their collection.I couldn't have that.

So I got this little cutie:


Tinkered with her a bit, and TADA!
Introducing Kysenia, cabbie kid with Down's Syndrome :)


(After I made Kysenia and showed her to Pete, he walked on me plucking my eyebrows and said "Don't tell me you're changing your eyebrows so YOU can look like a child with Down's Syndrome." Hahaha. He cracks me up.)

Speaking of which, Reece's Rainbow are doing another fundraiser for Easter, called Gift Of Life.
Now, I know most of you reading this blog don't share my "thing" (obsession?) about Down's Syndrome. And I don't want to bore you. But please, go and have a look at Gift Of Life. This time they're fundraising for their more at risk children, the ones that are closest to going to the institution.


If you are able to spare anything, it helps. An Easter, or a Mother's day present, so that a child can find a family.
If you can't give money, please mention the fundraiser on your blog -maybe one of your readers will. You'll be helping some of the most innocent people there are.

Thank you.

Friday, February 22, 2008


This is how Macrina from the Babywearer breaks in her wraps (makes new wraps soft and snuggly and well-worn.)

Video of her children re-posted with her permission.

Man, I want a HOUSEFUL of kids and I want my house to be like that...

Watch it, it cheers me up to no end.


An afternoon of calm, reflective and educational play at our house.

Watch and learn from our sterling example.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

How to use a wrap, in 1000 simple steps

There are three main positions with the wrap. Front, hip and back.

When wrapping your baby, don't worry too much about the wrap getting
untied. As you'll discover, there's so much fabric going around that
the baby will not SUDDENLY slip even if the knot was completely
untied. As long as the wrap goes nicely over baby's bum, all the way
to under her knees, and her knees are higher than her bum, she's
safe. (This makes her bum her center of gravity, so she can't slip

Front Carries:

Suitable from birth.

FCC (Front Cross Carry): (good because you can pre-tie it before
putting baby in)

FWCC (front wrap cross carry)

My very own ('scuse the flab!)

Hip carries.
These are your best next step. They distribute weight MUCH better
than front carries, you can switch sides when you get sore, and baby
will have much better visibility. She should be ok with those as soon as she can sit with support; the wrap will support her so it's similar.

Here is a link to my favorite: It's called Poppin's Hip Carry.

Photo by the inventor of it, featuring her little girl!

Thread with photo instructions devoted to it

Back carries.

Back ties are VERY comfy as far as weight distribution goes. They're
generally better for older kiddos, after they can sit up. They also
look a bit scary, with moving baby up to your back. I know, I was
scared too. I will post a couple of links of THE best and most
secured back carry I've found, for if/when you want to try one. There
is NO WAY any child can wriggle out of that one, Philip is the worst
wriggler and feels completely secure with that one.

How to put her on your back:
This thread shows the "Superman Toss". It's easier than it looks -
practise it over a bed. Notice on the video: As you cross your arms
to pick up the wrap, the top arm has palm facing down, and the bottom
arm has palm facing up. Up arm-down palm, down arm-up palm is my
mnemonic. I know it looks complicated but it really is easy when you
try it (after you get over the fear!)

I KNOW this looks scary but once you do it, I promise holding her by
the top of her arms works well and once she's on your back, if you
pull it tight and tie the knot on your chest it will keep her snug
while you do the rest of it. If you do it over a bed, she'll fall on
soft if she wriggles out. Just make sure the fabric goes over her bum
(reach back and check.)
Tip: Do it in front of the tv, she'll be distracted and wriggle less.

How to do the Secure High Back Carry

Paulus, the inventor of SHBC and his gorgeous baby.

Thread devoted to it.

Another thread devoted to it.

Other resources:




Lots of links devoted on specific carries.

You can find lots more video and photo instructions for different
carries here

(If the link doesn't work, go
then Choosing and Using a Wrap. Top of that page, it will have
Sticky: Wrapping instruction Links.
I'm not sure if you need to register to view these, but it's free and
easy. Very helpful community too.)

You can also buy used wraps and save money on the babywearer, just go to the For Sale Or Trade page!

As far as wrap length goes, all that fabric takes some getting used to. All of you normal sized people could do all of the above carries with a size 6 (4,6m) or even a size 5 (4,1m.) FWCC and SHBC need the longest wrap, then FCC and the hip carry is the one that can be done with the least fabric. (But if you have a wrap that's too long, you can always just take it around your waist an extra time before you tie it.)

All the photographs are taken from The Babywearer community ( They were posted publicaly already so I hope they won't mind.

This post was inspired by Charissa, and her absolutely gorgeous, adorable adopted little girl, Ava. I wish I could just kiss her!


Table Manners

What do you do when your toddler eats like that?


Do you correct her, show her how to eat like a civilized person?
I grab the camera!

Transcript, because sound was so bad. Any mention to Pa Lion is from a book we read, called QUIET!:

Talking in a deep voice, because she's being a Lion: You are the girl and I'm the boy.
-What are you being?
-I'm being Pa Lion.
-Ah, you're being Pa Lion.
-We are two lions in a jungle house, and there are amimals (animals.)
Philip is being loud. I will eat him. Where is he?
-Is he hiding?
-Yes. Where is he?
-I am quiet.
-You're a farty pants you are!
-Pa lion is very hungry... That's why I...
-That's why you what?
-That's why the animals are very loud, and I was telling the parrots to be quiet. Right now. And then the parrots were quiet. They're all quiet.

-Eat your food, don't walk in it!
-There's more on my chair.
-There's some on your elbow. There's a bit of pasta on your elbow.

(Peter throws ball at me.)

-May I ask why you're throwing things at me?
-We're playing fetch.
-Daddy is throwing things at me, what should I do? EAT HIM PA LION, FIND HIM AND EAT HIM!
-There he is.
(goes after the cat)
No, daddy's throwing things at me. Eat daddy.
-I'll sleep with him.

-What are you doing?
-Why do I have to be quiet?
-She's being a Lion.
-Yes. I'm Pa Lion. Lions like Pasta. It makes them happy. Baby Leo's woken up.
-Philip is being... Is he being a green monkey?
-Are you being a green monkey Philip?
-He's saying daddy and being a monkey. Monkeys say "daddy".

Greek Drivers

Sent by my brother and frighteningly accurate.


Driving Rules for Greeks:

Signalling will reveal to other drivers what your next move will be. A genuine Greek driver will never signal.

Under no circumstances should you try to keep a safe distance from the car in front of you. Doing so will mean that a third vehicle might be able to squeeze in front of you, putting you at even more of a disadvantage.

The faster you go through a red light, the slimmer the chances are that another car will hit you.

NEVER stop at a STOP sign. Cars behind you will not expect this move and are likely to drive into you if you do.

You should brake as late as possible to ensure your ABS functions properly. You will be rewarded with a relaxing foot massage. If your car doesn’t have ABS, this is a good chance to stretch your legs a bit.

Never overtake on the left if you can overtake on the right. The frightened expression on the other driver’s face will entertain you time after time.

Speed limits are arbitrary numbers that are only offered as a suggestion, and clearly they are not practical to use in Greece.

Even if you are stuck in traffic so bad that it is impossible to move your car an inch, the aggravated driver pushing his horn behind you is convinced that he would be moving faster than you are, if he were in your position.

A genuine Greek driver will always slow down to have a good look at whatever catches his fancy. This could range from a shop window to a good-looking girl, and from a car accident to another driver changing a tyre.

Learn how to switch lanes quickly. Thanks to the ministry of traffic, Greece has been transformed to a vast track circuit, with openings placed in strategic places to check your reflexes.

In Greece it’s traditional to honk as soon as the light turns green, even if there are no cars in front of you.

Never give way to a car driving in the opposite direction on a narrow lane. The driver could have been using a different lane parallel to the one you are on, so clearly they’re doing it on purpose.

Remember that the purpose of all Greek drivers is to get there first. There will always be a good reason why you’re in a hurry. On the other hand, everyone else on the street probably has no reason to be there.

Greek women drivers can cook, wash, knit, have sex, talk on the phone, but they can’t drive.

A helmet should be worn on one’s elbow, for reasons that are yet to be identified. You are advised to follow this trend anyway.

Seat belts are dangerous. Cutting edge Greek research has proved thousands of crash tests wrong. If you’re meant to die, you will, so it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing a seat belt or not.

The music in your car should always be at full volume, regardless of the song. This is a selfless way to entertain pedestrians as they wait patiently for a driver to stop at a zebra crossing.

Pedestrians are a driver’s worst enemy. They take up space on the sidewalk, making it difficult to park on it, and they insist on crossing the street, forcing cars to slow down.


Philip is enjoying his own little adrenaline rush here:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anger Management

Matilda has recently taken to slapping Philip when she's feeling cross. We've told her off a number of times, told her to apologise, explained that it hurts, and made her go upstairs to sit on her own and think about it... She's always doing it again.
Then yesterday it occured to me that she needs us to give her a way to express her anger -without getting in trouble. She gets told off if she screams at him, if she takes his toys away, pushes him or slaps him; but she's got feelings and she needs a way to let off steam (well, I feel like slapping Philip sometimes too!)

So we sat down and had a chat. I told her that it's ok to get cross, but it's not ok to hit; and that Philip screams because he can't talk yet but she CAN talk, so she has to use her words. Then we discussed what she can do when she's feeling really cross and she wants to hit Philip... She can slap the sofa cushions, or slap her ball and kick it around.

Later that evening, I could see her getting cross again, and getting to the point where a slap was not too far away.

Me: Matilda, I see you're feeling cross... What did we say you can do when you're cross?
Matilda: SLAP the sofa, SLAP the ball, and SLAP Philip.

Riiight... Got to work on the concept a bit more.


Innocent victim (riiiight):


Thursday, February 07, 2008


Some videos...

Ignore the bluging undulating nappy, we were just about to change that. Listen carefully, The Lady makes a guest appearance!

Listen out for the different voices and sound effects. See if you can spot the cat towards the end (as if you could miss him!)