Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Anger Management

Matilda has recently taken to slapping Philip when she's feeling cross. We've told her off a number of times, told her to apologise, explained that it hurts, and made her go upstairs to sit on her own and think about it... She's always doing it again.
Then yesterday it occured to me that she needs us to give her a way to express her anger -without getting in trouble. She gets told off if she screams at him, if she takes his toys away, pushes him or slaps him; but she's got feelings and she needs a way to let off steam (well, I feel like slapping Philip sometimes too!)

So we sat down and had a chat. I told her that it's ok to get cross, but it's not ok to hit; and that Philip screams because he can't talk yet but she CAN talk, so she has to use her words. Then we discussed what she can do when she's feeling really cross and she wants to hit Philip... She can slap the sofa cushions, or slap her ball and kick it around.

Later that evening, I could see her getting cross again, and getting to the point where a slap was not too far away.

Me: Matilda, I see you're feeling cross... What did we say you can do when you're cross?
Matilda: SLAP the sofa, SLAP the ball, and SLAP Philip.

Riiight... Got to work on the concept a bit more.


Innocent victim (riiiight):


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