Thursday, February 28, 2008

Temper, Temper...

I had the most interesting time trying to put Philip down for a nap today; (as in "may you live in interesting times.") He has adopted a wooden laddle as his new favorite toy and would. not. be. sepparated. from it. If his fingers lost contact with the handle for a second, his body went completely rigid, his fists clenched, he frowned, eyes wide opened, and YELLED. Not cried, not screamed. This was the sound of pure anger. So I tried to boob him while he was holding the thing, which didn't work, due to the fact that he insisted on waving it around happily and kept hitting himself on the head with it. (Not very conductive to sleep, you might argue*)(*unless you do it hard enough, I suppose.)Then I tried boobing him with his spoon-wielding arm tucked in my armpit, but that wasn't good enough, he couldn't swing to his heart's content, so he yelled at me again. We tried several positions with and without the spoon (what will it be today ma'am, concussion or ear-drum rupture?)until he succumbed. A looong time later.

He really is a determined little person. He is a very sunny, contented baby most of the time, but he knows what he wants. And if you're within earshot, soon you know as well. And he will not be distracted either. I really hope he comes along with his speech soon, because I can tell he'll be a toddler you reason with.

Philip brandishing his spoon:

Matilda was eating spaghetti today.
Matilda: (picking up up a spaghetti (spaghetto?) and pulling it) An amoeba...STRETCH! Look, TWO amoebas!

I love nerdlings!

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Marvellous Em said...

OMG!! Matilda looks SO SO SOOOO cute in that pic! I love her hair! Am taking Josh out of School at Easter so have gone ahead with my plan to home educate! Yay! xxx