Saturday, March 22, 2008


I have learned
that my baby speaks
without words
verbs in his eyes
spur action
milk leaks
heart melts
as he nurses down
for the night
adjectives adorn his fingers
on my arm as he holds me
tightly as I hold him
nouns articulate in his inarticulation
"eh" becomes mommy
I become mommy
this role I never thought I'd play
so much more than child's play
I hold him in my arms
feel his heartbeat
life in my hands
so I hold him close
listen to the sibilant silence of his sleep
the quiet power
as he tells me he loves me
without making a sound.


(reprinted with permission, written by Jamie on the BabyCenter.)


Stephanie said...

WOW, what amazingly beautiful blue eyes!!!!

Leah said...

Love your pictures on your blog! Had to drop in to see who was commenting on mine. ;-)

Chief Interpreter said...

It's always nice to keep in touch with one's former (or is it still current?) students and their lovely families -even via the internet!