Thursday, March 20, 2008


That lovely little boy of mine is getting cuter and cuter.

At 1 year, Philip likes sleeping on my arm at night. Not really on it, he sort of spoons with me, and he wants me to hug him so that my arm is parallel to his body... Then he strokes my arm and goes to sleep. It's very snuggly.


He's the amazing singing, dancing baby. He doesn't really speak yet (ok, a couple of words) but he dances to music and sings. Observe... He sings along the chorus of different songs. "John Jakob Jingleheimer Smith" and "Dayo". I love it that my babies love music.

Philip Rocking:

If you tell him he's a clever boy, he claps himself. If you ask him "what does the cat say?" he goes "Oooooooh..... Oooooooh...." and makes stroking motions in the air (that's from when we were trying to teach him to be gentle.)

He also gives lovely hugs if you ask him. He can stand on his own, and walk if you hold his hands. He has four teeth and working on number five. I swear he said "get down" today when he was finished on his highchair. (He is generally verh good at repeating things and picking up your tone of voice.) He can climb on the sofa and get down on his own.

If Philip gets annoyed, he crawls to you, stares you in the face, frowns and says "UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURGHHHHHHHHHH!" It's very funny. He's a master at annoying Matilda who then says "I don't LIKE my yummy scrummy baby brother!" (Or, less adorably, "Shutupshutupshutup" *THWACK*)

But they love each other really:

Speaking of Matilda, today she got a full carton of eggs from the fridge and broke them all on the floor. When asked why she did that, her response was "Because it was too tidy." Oh well, I won't make THAT mistake again!
(the 20th of March can hereforth be annually celebrated as the day I mopped twice in 24 hours.) And by the way, if you ever want to get raw egg off the floor, sprinkle flour over it. It becomes a disgusting batter-like substance that is however much easier to scoop up.

Who me? But this is my innocent smile!


It has come to my attention that someone I know from Corfu is reading this blog incognito. I'm very flattered! (And much more worried about my spelling than I used to be!) If you feel like it, leave a comment, I like being reminded that I'm not (always) talking to myself.


See, we can have fun with our wraps too!





Nicole said...

Your kids are adorable!!!

I can NOT thank you enough for finding the Kevin doll for me! I will video tape her response when I give it to her, just for you!

HUGS! Nicole

Megan said...

I love the new pics, Anna - as always your children are so charming.