Sunday, May 04, 2008

Artistic Interlude

An amusing insight into the dregs of a subculture that you may not have come across before: Reborns.
Some background: Reborns are a new and increasingly popular art form. Dolls that are expertly painted, filled, weighted and generally spruced up so that they look and feel extremely lifelike and similar to a newborn baby.

First, (so you can appreciate the examples below) here is what a "proper" reborn could look like:

Or this:

AND NOW... For your viewing pleasure:
HOW NOT TO REBORN. (Disclaimer: All the photographs that follow have been taken from real ebay auctions. They have not been tampered with in any way. These babies are out there, maybe one of them is even living nest to YOU.)

Advice on making a succesful reborn baby:

1. When designing your reborn, don't use Katie Price as a model:

2. It's ok to stuff your reborn, but NOT to embalm it.

3. NEVER reborn when you have a hangover.

4. Remember to wipe all the tomato sauce off your hands before you reborn.

5. AND don't forget to put your glasses on.

6. Remember that you are NOT trying to sell your reborn to an X-Files affictionado (hopefully).

7. It's called a REborn, not a STILLborn.


Marvellous Em said...

They are so disturbing! I like the x-files one most!! xxxxx

Miki said...

These are really frightening! I had nightmares about #6. Do you know if any of them actually sold?

Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

Miki: I just checked... No they didn't. Shocking, I know ;)


Anonymous said...
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Miki said...

Shocking is right. Maybe I'll have to buy #3. I laugh out loud every time I see that picture. She could be a constant source of joy to me. I'm afraid she might terrify my daughter though. . .

ps -- i'm the deleted comment. the wrong name showed up (using a different account).