Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Oh my, it has been a while since I posted about how the family is doing. One would almost think I have a life! Allow me to rectify this misconception.

Matilda is lots of fun. She doesn't really do very many new things at this age, she rather seems to develop the skills she already has. Her speech is becoming more intricate and she is just hilarious. She is much better at doing puzzles and colouring. She tries to colour in the lines now. She is much better at feeding herself with a spoon.

Got Yoghurt?

A couple of days ago, we were making a set of puzzles with jungle animals, and she got the idea of a creature called a "Crocaline" A Crocaline, if you are interested, is half lion and half crocodile. She thought that was too funny and now delights in telling everyone what the Crocaline says ("SNAProar! SNAProar!)
Some recent quotes include:

"We saw ourselves going on a walk today!" (We had seen two dogs going on a walk, and of course afterwards we were pretending to be dogs. This imaginary play makes for some interesting linguistic slips.)

"Mummy, dogs have puppies and boys have willies." (Well, what? They DO.)

-"What do you want for breakfast Matilda?"
-"I want some daddy! Let's call him on the phone and tell him. Daddy, come home so I can eat you!" (The most convincing argument ever, you have to agree.)

"Excuse mummy, Domino!" (When the cat didn't move out of my way quickly enough, Matilda had to tell him off.)

"I love you, husband!" (Heheh. Wonder who she got that from!)



Ooh, Philip! Now he's the opposite of Matilda. New skills are coming strong and fast.

He's walking everywhere now.
He knows how to get up stairs and how to crawl down again afterwards. No more need for baby-gates!

He is saying quite a few words. His speech is not clear at all though, so you have to know him to understand him. Most commonly, he completely skips all consonants. When he wants to get down from anywhere he says "Eee ow". (get down.) He says Daddy, Nanny (Mummy), Ducky, Bye bye, Doggy, woof woof, schisch (cheese). He is very good at imitating sound though, and VERY good at repeating the pitch and rhythm of what we say. When Matilda counts, he imitates her: "aaa, ooo, eeee, ooo" (ooone, twooo, threee, fouuur.) It's hilarious. He doesn't say as much as Matilda did at his age, but (if it is possible) he is even more musical. He joins in and hums along recognisable songs. He loves dancing to music, and has certain favourites -notably a ballet DVD featuring Beatrix Potter characters.

He has a good appetite and is quite good at self feeding (You can give him a quartered sandwich, or a whole banana -if you don't mind him eating the skin too!) He is quite fussy about certain textures though. For example, he despises egg. He doesn't like slippery foods, like pasta (he couldn't be any more different than Matilda here, these are her two favourite foods.) He'll still eat those foods though, I just have to puree them for him. He eats what the rest of the family is eating every day now, and most of the time just chopped up in normal sized pieces.

Some photos from a lovely day at the beach recently (Not VERY recently, it is much warmer here now.)





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boy they are beautiful, great pics!

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Great pictures! Your kids are really adorable!