Thursday, June 05, 2008

A Chuckle of Chicken the collective noun for chicken (according to Matilda.) Lots of chicken is a chuckle of chicken. I think it's inspired.

Philip is getting more and more strong willed. He gets seriously cross when he doesn't get his way and he just comes around and just smacks me. Soooo annoying. If you don't believe me, you can witness his temper in this video:

He says several words now:

Ta (water)
Cow, Moo
Bye bye
Ge ow (get down)-when he climbs on something and needs saving; several times a day
Chee (for cheese, AND for juice)
woof woof
Babble (Scrabble)
Ooow! (Yes, he immitates me when I saw Ow after one -or both- of them trample me.)
Baba (banana)
No (very emphatically, shaking his head)
No (pointing at his nose, means nose)
Da (duck)
Do (dog)
Neigh! (horse)
Titoo (tickle)
Ti too (sounds a bit different to the above, means thank you. he says it when he gives you something.)

Songs he can sing recognisably (he hums them, but you can easily tell which song it is:)
Old McDonald
Three Blind Mice
Happy Birthday
La Bamba (yes, I blame Sesame Street)
John Jacob Jingleheimer Smith (see above)

He can feed himself with a spoon if the food is sufficiently sticky (like yoghurt, or porridge.) He has SUCH a temper! I can't get used to it, after Matilda -the child who had no temper tantrums. Philip can go from happy to screaming in anger and back to happy in seconds (inspiring Peter to play the "One-Two-Three-CROSS" game.) Example: We are walking with Philip down the street. Philip is happy, and chatting to himself and running along. We pick him up to cross the street: SCREEEEEAM SQUIRM SQUIRM CRY SCREECH. We cross the street and put him down: crying stops instantly and he goes back to running. Yeah. So THAT'S what toddlers are like!

He climbs on everything. See where I found him the other day:

Yes, my boy murdered some cheese pie and then fell asleep on the table.

Cute words Matilda says (because I would hate to forget them.)
Used to say:
Pengul (penguin)
Dinosaucer (dinosaur)

Still Says:
Cuggle (cuddle)
Guellila (gorilla)
Letterice (lettuces)

Ain't nobody can mess with me:

She has started understanding addition and substraction now. If we tell her for example "Daddy has two books, if you give him another book how many will he have?" she can answer, as long as the numbers are up to three. I think she has trouble visualising higher numbers, and this is how she comes to the answer. I'm very proud of my Babycakes.


By popular demand (Hi Evi!) some more photos.

My first reborn finished. I'll give this one to my mum, I need to do her hair some more because she has some bald patches at the back :)




My second reborn. His name is Finnegan and I painted his hair on.



The children's room and a view of the garden:





Miki said...

I think a chuckle of chicken is brilliant! As for tantrums, my two are exactly the same. My oldest never had a 'real' meltdown. The few real angry moments I can remember are NOTHING compared to the fury my younger child can unleash. She had one very public tantrum that left me traumatized for life. She also can swing from laughing to screeching to laughing at a moment's notice. Toddlers are fun!

SunflowerMom said...

Thanks for stopping in on my blog! Your children are adorable! I must say that's the mildest fuss I've ever seen a boy throw! I kept waiting for him to angry enough to fling his bowl off the table.

Nice to meet you!