Friday, October 10, 2008


When Peter comes home from work, he does some light housework:

(Otherwise known as "YOU! A HORSE!" -Matilda's battlecry enytime she sees anyone bending down.)

Jumping up and down saying "Bing! Bing! Bing!"
"Dee Auffff" (Get up!)
Aaaand the lesser known "Old Macdonald" verse: "And at this farm he had a willy, ee-i-ee-o-o. With a piddle piddle here, and a piddle piddle there..."

"...dig in the dancing queen..."

Re-born Again:

I've been working quite a lot on my reborns: This is Frankie
I'm especially proud of Frankie, because for several months he was a disembodied, half-rooted head perched on my bookshelf. He actually looked so hideous that Peter's mum used to turn him facing the other way when she visited (and only admitted to doing so recently.) Yes, Frankie is short for Frankenstein. But he looks rather cute now.

And this is Jotham. I think he looks very sweet and cheeky with his red hair. (the colours look odd because I took the photo after dark in our kitchen.)

Helpless Hilarity:
The funniest video ever. Seriously, all of us (me, Peter and Marilena) have watched that, and found it impossible not to laugh. Every time. In my case, I've watched it a dozen times (thanks to Philip being obsesed with it.) Still cracks me up.

Leave me a comment, tell me if you managed to watch it without laughing.

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Anonymous said...

That dancing is probably the most ADORABLE thing I have ever seen! They are confident and secure in themselves aren't they?! You must get such a rush of pride in yourself when you see your gorgeous childdren! Keep up the good work, it is such a pleasure reading your blog! :o)