Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Who me?

My, how time flies when you're having fun (and watching lots of dvds with Marilena!) Many thanks to the nice person who asked for an update... It's nice to remember that there are people reading what I write!

Around here, nothing has happened, and a lot has happened. On the adoption front, we had a little change of plan. Our panel meeting (when we will be approved to adopt -after that, we could find our child any day; and equally it might take months,) is now set for March. I had gotten excited about getting it out of the way before Christmas, so I am feeling more than a little disappointed. But there are many things to be done before the new little miss joins us, so... I'll just have to plod on and wait. (I know from previous -pregnancy- experience that time doesn't pass; Peter has clear memories of me frothing at the mouth the last couple of weeks before Matilda and Philip were born. Now, thinking back, it's like "What was all the fuss about? They won't stay in forever!")

Our social worker is a bit spooked by the reborns, I think. I did explain that I'm selling them, and I'm not just keeping disembodied heads with half the hair pulled out on my shelves for decorative purposes; still, when she visited the other day she did get quite the look on her face when she saw this:


I keep telling Pete we ought to place some melted candles between them.

Philip has spent a month of teething hell, when he got all four of his molars at the same time. He also seems to have hit the stage when his communication skills are really developing. He says "yes" now, with great enthusiasm. I can have a meaningful conversation with him, say, about whether he wants breakfast, and what he would like the breakfast to be. His vocabulary is also increasing, with the most notable additions being "Go Eeee!" (Go Away! -Said to us every time we offer him something he doesn't want, or try to snuggle him against his will) "A funny!" (Said with great gusto every time anyone laughs or when Philip thinks he has made a joke)and "Mmmmm! Nice!" When he is eating something he likes, or when he is trying to feed you something. He also loves blowing kisses and giving hugs.



This, according to Marilena, is the video "when Philip does nothing." She thought it was very funny. I kept trying to get him to show us his new skills, but he was just being very very silly. Still, I think it's too cute (I'm biased.)

Matilda is just a hoot. Every day she says something and I think "I'm going to blog about this," but then life goes on and I don't :(
But you asked me for an update (poor unsuspecting Anonymous) so now I will... Mwahaha!

It's been an ongoing battle to try and teach Matilda to say please (instead of just screaming "Mooooore! I want mooore BREAD!!!") Peter -being English- finds this especially important, and has employed several methods to try to encourage it, not all of which sound very...erm...sane.

Peter: Quack.
Matilda: Please. I want milk please.

His latest is that if Matilda doesn't ask for something nicely, he will count to 50 (or to 100, depending on how rude she was) before he gives it to her. He even gets Matilda to help. Hey, it's educational in many ways at the same time, and Matilda is remarkably good spirited about it.

The other day, we had the following conversation:

Me: Matilda, that's not nice. You have to ask nicely.
Matilda: (in a very rude voice, with a very grumpy face,) PLEASE!
Me: Well, that's better, but you have to use a nice voice too. You have to say please, in a nice voice.
Matilda: NO! YOU have to say please!
Me: No I don't. You say please when you're asking people to do something for you. You want me to give you this, I don't want anything from you.
Matilda: No, you are wrong! You have to say please, because you're asking me to say please! You have to say "Please, Matilda, can you say please?"
Me: ..................

A couple of days ago, Matilda was pretending to be a cat, and we were being a bit too loud.
Matilda: It's too loud! It's hurting my triangle ears!

Who would have guessed, my daughter is playing "doctor"!!!!

Re-born again Update:
Yes, I'm still doing it. To the poster who asked me how long it takes, it depends on how many hours you spend doing it a day. Roughly, it takes me a couple of Philip's nap times to paint one, and about a week or two of rooting whenever I remember to sit down and do it (I know, how professional!) It's really nice though, I love it and they do seem to sell, and I do seem to be improving every time I make a new one. This one is Christopher, I sold him yesterday:



There are a couple of other things that I've been meaning to talk about, but they have to wait for another post. To help you deal with the disappointment, here are some pictures of Matilda practising her jumps:




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