Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Yay for Christmas! Yay for Charity Shops! Lookie what I found during my latest expedition to my beloved Charity Shop...


(The Cube, not the baby...) At less than £2, it ranks up there with barley the rocking horse (also pictured) as the best Charity Shop find ever!

Matilda is practicing her penmanship. She does NOT draw anything recognisable, not faces or stick figures, and she refuses to try making letters, or even connect-the-dots. But she will fill in things that we've already written very meticulously, so at least she's learning to hold and control the pen. ("Matilda, do you want to do some writting?" "NO! I am doing PRETEND writting!")
And yes, this is hanging on our kitchen cupboards.


In an effort to stop Christmas from becoming the "gimme-gimme" fest that it is for so many children, we had a chat with Matilda about giving presents. We said that on Christmas we get presents and we give presents. When we get presents we are happy, and when we give someone else presents, it makes them happy. So we asked Matilda to take a plastic bag and fill it with toys she doesn't play with very much any more, and then we will take it to the shop and give it to children that don't have these toys. Well that went down well, and she ended up filling 3 super market bags, and spending the rest of the evening unearthing toys and saying "I want to give THIS to the children too! I love my sweet girl. We took the bags to the Charity Shop last night -now I have to make sure I don't buy them again next time I visit!

"Happy Mucky People"


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