Monday, December 15, 2008

Randomness (Much A-post About Nothing)

Recent Matilda-isms:

Matilda: "I WAAAANT MIIIILK!!!!!"
Peter: "You have to say something that ends in "-eese."
Matilda: "The cat sat on the cheese."
Much hilarity follows.


Marilena was poking Matilda's nose and generally messing with her.

Matilda: "What are you doing Marilena?"
Marilena: "I'm just playing with you."
Matilda: "But I am not a toy!"

Matilda: "Babies are born in the hospital."
Me: "Well, some babies are, and some babies are born at home. You were born here, in the kitchen. We had a swimming pool, and mummy was having a swim, and you were born in the water, like a baby fish."
Matilda: "I know! Your butt could be the egg! Because fish come out of eggs!"


Not much else new to report. We have heard from our social worker, who is busily working to make our homestudy as strong as possible before our panel in March. She has contacted a medical expert on Down's Syndrome (I don't know who it is,) who was very supportive and enthusiastic about our adoption. He said that the fact that Matilda and Philip are so young will be an advantage, because the child we adopt will have more stimulation and peer behaviour to model and it would give it a very good start for future developement. This is great news, because we have been warned that Matilda and Philip's ages will be a problem for many Local Authorities (the rule of thumb is that they want to have at least two years between your youngest child and the child you are adopting.) This expert's support, in combination with some hints the social worker has been dropping, makes me think that they might end up considering us for a wider age-range than what they originally said.

We went to a little Christmas Party last weekend. Here's Matilda doing some very groovy dance moves, I think you'll agree:

Philip was just so happy going around the tables, hoovering up as much food as he could reach.


Last night, Philip got the Sesame Street song "Big Bird doesn't Fly" stuck in his head, and kept singing it to his bedtime, and beyond. Guess how long it took us to get him to sleep. No, guess. (A loooong time!)

Help, the blankets ate Philip's head!

"And Lo, Verily, You Have Been Healed!"

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