Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Woman's Place is in the Kitchen


So, I had a driving lesson today, with a new instructor (long story.)

He said: "The way I was taught is to give people examples they can relate to, from their own lives."

Then he proceeds to explain to me why I shouldn't be too heavy on the breaks when stopping the car.

"If you want to answer the door, or the phone, and your children are in the way, you don't just give them a shove, because they'll go flying and hit the wall. You just gently lead them out of the way."

He continues to say that my braking starts off really nice and gentle, until the last moment, when I slam it on.

"Say you've just cooked a delicious meal, and it's in the oven, and you get distracted and leave it 5 minutes too long... So it just burns a bit at the top. You've just put all this effort cooking a lovely dinner, why ruin it at the very end?"

Seriously, I need to get a job


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