Saturday, January 17, 2009

Not a baby anymore

We've got some new pets! Matilda chose three of the fish, and named them Rosie, Posie and Christopher (yes, really.) I chose the other three, and she doesn't care what they are called, because they are "Mummy's." Any naming suggestions welcome. The cat likes them, what do you think?


Kid News:
Today's discussion:
Me: Matilda, are you a cute girl?
Matilda: No, I'm a clever girl.
Me: You're clever AND cute.
Matilda: No, I'm not cute.
Me: I think you are.
Matilda: No, I'm not.
Me: Why aren't you cute?
Matilda: Because it's a BOG!

Philip decided to feed his dinner to Matilda last night; he completed his performance with encouraging sounds after every spoonful, such as "Mouf!" (In your mouth!) "Mmmm... Nice!" and "Clever Boy!"
Have a look:


On other news, thanks to everyone who decided to sponsor my weightloss. I fell slightly off my goal of losing 20 lbs by Christmas, I managed to lose 19 lbs -not bad. If you want, you can use the chip-in widget to pay, or just make a donation to Reece's Rainbow and specify it's for Anna's Sponsored Weightloss. Thanks! (Peter likes pointing out that since I started the diet I have lost 2 and 3/4 Dominos -the cat affectionately known as "the Cow.")

Having our Annual Bath (No, I didn't just say that!)


Aaaah, sibling love...


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Anonymous said...

I love the way he opens his mouth like parents do when feeding babies! Its like a force no one can get away from, the open wide face! :-O