Friday, February 27, 2009


We are feeling better :) And so, to celebrate what shall henceforth be known as the "Lifting of The Pox" here some of Matilda's latest Gems:

Scene One:

Setting: Matilda runs to me, crying.

Me: What happened, Babycakes?
Matilda: I hurt myself on that THING!
Me: What thing?
Matilda: THAT THING!!
Me: What thing, Matilda?
(Three guesses who she meant... Hint: He is small and cute and nocturnal.)

Scene Two:

Setting: Matilda is running around, pretending to be "Chip," the enchanted teacup from "Beauty and the Beast." (YES!!! No Disney Princesses for my girl!) Sudenly, she has a...well... no way around it, she has a fart.

Matilda: Ooops! That was some of my tea, glugging.

Some time later, repeat the above scene, only this time she is being Thomas the Tank-engine when she farts.

Matilda: Oops! A little Puff! Some of my steam came out!

Scene Three:

Matilda: Mummy, can you read me a book?
Me: Matilda, I'm a bit busy now.
Matilda: But I like...(pause)...But you LIKE reading books!
(manipulative much?)

Scene Four:

Setting: We are juct coming home from the doctor. Matilda is still in the middle of her Chickenpox, and is feeling very miserable. Suddenly, an elderly man tries to cross the street, walking infront of us.

Matilda: You! OUT OF MY WAY!!!
Me: ...........

(I know... But she is usually much more polite than that, and she was feeling very sick...And frankly, given the circumstances, I thought it was hilarious!)

Scene Five:

Matilda has just woken up, I'm cuddling her and chatting to her.

Me: When you came out of Mummy's tummy, you were so little... You couldn't do anything. You didn't know how to talk, how to walk, how to eat... But you loved mummy holding you and talking to you all the time. And now that you're a big girl, you can walk, and run, and talk, and eat...But you still love Mummy to cuddle you and talk t you all the time.
Matilda: Yes. That's because I know you like me.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Updated update on my update

You get the picture. Here is what Matilda looked like today:



I think those spots look lovely with a bit of Matilda on them, don't you think? But significantly, she had a great night's sleep and was a lot more cheerful today. We didn't need to give her any medicine for the pain, and she let me touch her, which is more than she did for the past 3 days. I think we've turned the corner.

Now the thing to worry about is: will Philip get it too? And if so, when?
Incubation period for chickenpox is 1-3 weeks (most commonly 2 weeks.) I think it's fair to assume Philip would have been exposed through Matilda since he doesn't go to her nursery, and Matilda would be at her most contagious a couple of days around the onset of the illness. Which would mean Monday-Wednesday last week.

Two weeks from then brings us neatly to Wednesday the 4th of March, which is our Adoption Panel day. The one where both me and Peter should really be at. Which we have arranged childcare for, but the nature of that childcare means it won't be available if Pip is contagious.

The other alternative, 3 weeks, brings us dangerously close to the 13th of March, when we also have to hand the Spawn off to a babysitter and go to a social worker/potential adopters consortium thing, so that all the agencies and social workers in the wider area get to know us and hopefully think about us the next time they need to place a little girl with Down's syndrome. Pip being contagious kinda throws a spanner in that one too.

We are trying to come up with alternative solutions, but really, unless something good comes up, we need Pip to not get the Pox, or at least to be healthy for these two dates. Any of you have conections to the guys upstairs, we'd appreciate a good word. Positive thoughts also gratefully received.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Annoying Germs!

Here is Chickenpos, day 3. Matilda is absolutely miserable... Her spots hurt her when they burst, and since she's covered in them, she is feeling very sore. She is very mad at the "annoying germs" for making her sick, and at me for not making her better. Poor thing wants me to cuddle her all the time, but without touching her, because her skin hurts (you figure that one out, let me know!) She hasn't been sleeping either, because of feeling sore and itchy. We'll go to the doctor tomorrow, I'm hoping there is something that can ease the soreness and discomfort for her. Poor thing... I want my happy girl back!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chicken Spots

Matilda has turned all spotty!


Of course it's Chickenpox, (and the first time one of my children has gotten ill with one of the Childhood Spotties,) although she insists it's the Measles. The first spots turned up yesterday, and by today, she can boast a fair collection of them. Needless to say she spent the entire day pretending she was a Dalmatian, and/or a Germ. (Is anyone surprised?)


If you are wondering what is happening in my house these past few weeks on most days, at about 3-4 hours before bedtime, it's this:


Philip will lay down and sleep. This is majorly inconvenient, not to mention annoying, because if you let him sleep even for 30 minutes after about 3 in the afternoon, you can bet he is not going to bed before midnight. The problem is he is not tired enough for a nap at a sensible hour, and he is too little to last all the way to bedtime without one. What to do, what to do. I've watched an embarassing amount of late night television this past month.

Aren't baby foofies precious?


This one belongs to my latest reborn:


The kit was a present from Marilena for my birthday (I'd thank her, but she won't bother to read the black squiggly marks,) and this baby is mine to keep! I love her :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Out of the mouths of babes

Conversations with Matilda, after we'd watched "Ice Age":

Matilda: Mummy, do you want to be the fat tiger?
Me: Do you think I should be the fat tiger?
Matilda: Yes, because you are FAT!

Mummy, I called you the FAT tiger, because you have a FAT BUTT. So now your name will be FATTY.

Mummy, do I look small and thin to you? (Yes.) And you look big and FAT to me!

Now remind me why I had children?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009



Thank you so bloody much for picking on me.
Thanks for that first terrifying moment when I saw his different eyes and the world fell away.
Thanks for that cold, dislocated feeling when the doctor said the chromosome test confirms it.
Thanks for the anger and resentment.
Thanks a lot for picking on me.

Thanks for all the new words I’ve had to learn.
Thanks for the glory of meiotic nondisjunction events.
Thanks for the single palmar fold.
Thanks for trisomy, mosaicism, epicanthal folds, hypothyroid, hypotonia and arrhythmia.
Thanks for that extra wide gap between the big toe and the rest.
Thanks for a life that was complicated already, and now this?
Thanks for the unannounced bouts of embarrassment.
Thanks for pitying looks and well-meant overcompensation.

Thank you so much for picking on me.
Thanks for Significant Life-Threatening Events and Near Misses.
Thanks for beeping monitors and oxygen tubes and cluster care.
Thanks for apnoea and last Christmas, Lord.
Thanks for these fears for the future.
Thanks for this uncertainty of the present.
Thanks for red tape and robot-voiced bureaucracy.
Thanks for all those forms I love to fill.
Thank you indeed for picking on me.

But then thank you for January and that first smile.

Thank you for almost but not quite taking back the gift I didn’t know you’d given.
Thank you for that rush of blood that makes my heart thump louder.
Thank you for the knowledge that I will protect him with my every breath.
Thank you for the help, along some dark steps, from caring strangers more qualified than I.
Thank you for neighbours who don’t hesitate.
Thank you for trisomy and mosaicism and epicanthal folds.
Thanks for hypothyroid and hypotonia and arrhythmia.
Thanks for Significant Life-Threatening Events and Near Misses.
Thanks for beeping monitors and oxygen tubes and cluster care.
Thank you for the love that swells up inside to hurting when I look at him.
Thank you for each one of our wonderful, imperfect family.
Thank you for that very first smile.
Thank you for that very first smile.
Thank you for that very first smile.

Thank you for Jacob.

Thank you for picking me.

Copied from downsdad's blog. He is an Irishman, father of a little boy with DS and an amazing writter. Thank you for your blog Downsdad.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Ready or not...

Well, Ready really!

Our panel is in a month, and our home study is ready to be sent out (after some minor corrections.) By the way, having a home study done totally rocks. I'd recommend one even if you aren't adopting ;) It's so nice getting to read afterwards about what a nice family you are (hey, I'll take my compliments where I can get'em.)

Here is a nice group shot of the family that we had to get for the home study. I look so fat! I've actually lost almost 20 kg since the summer, but you couldn't tell from this :( Never mind, it was hard enough getting a photograph of all 4 of us without anyone looking cross-eyed or drunk.

Would you give a baby to this family?


Angela (our Social Worker) has been contacted about a little 6 month old girl with Down's syndrome that needs a family. Her birth parents are from Sri Lanka. The baby's social workers are already looking at several families, so the chances of us getting picked for her are not very good, but they want to look at everyone available before they make their choice. Awww, 6 months old... she would be tiny! I'd get to use all my wraps again. I promise I'll keep everyone updated if we get any more details (or a decision,) but for now I'm just daydreaming.

I've been trying to sort out some clothes and make some drawer space for the new baby's clothes for the past month (if you know me you know how hard it is!) and I finally managed to free up some drawers. Look, these will have baby clothes soon! Awww...

Drawer #1




Drawer #3


Of course I can't put any clothes in them yet, because I don't know what size the child we get will be wearing. (She might be anywhere from 4 months old to 3 years old.) But I haven't managed to completely stop myself from shopping for her:



These are up to 2 years; since children with DS are generally smaller, she'll likely fit in them sooner or later.

I can't believe I'll have another little girl!

Here's a gratuitous fish shot to finish with. You can see all 6 of them. At the top are Rosie, Posie and Christopher, at the bottom Fin, Gill and Huckleberry. The silly things swim to the front every time they see me, they think they'll get fed.