Friday, February 27, 2009


We are feeling better :) And so, to celebrate what shall henceforth be known as the "Lifting of The Pox" here some of Matilda's latest Gems:

Scene One:

Setting: Matilda runs to me, crying.

Me: What happened, Babycakes?
Matilda: I hurt myself on that THING!
Me: What thing?
Matilda: THAT THING!!
Me: What thing, Matilda?
(Three guesses who she meant... Hint: He is small and cute and nocturnal.)

Scene Two:

Setting: Matilda is running around, pretending to be "Chip," the enchanted teacup from "Beauty and the Beast." (YES!!! No Disney Princesses for my girl!) Sudenly, she has a...well... no way around it, she has a fart.

Matilda: Ooops! That was some of my tea, glugging.

Some time later, repeat the above scene, only this time she is being Thomas the Tank-engine when she farts.

Matilda: Oops! A little Puff! Some of my steam came out!

Scene Three:

Matilda: Mummy, can you read me a book?
Me: Matilda, I'm a bit busy now.
Matilda: But I like...(pause)...But you LIKE reading books!
(manipulative much?)

Scene Four:

Setting: We are juct coming home from the doctor. Matilda is still in the middle of her Chickenpox, and is feeling very miserable. Suddenly, an elderly man tries to cross the street, walking infront of us.

Matilda: You! OUT OF MY WAY!!!
Me: ...........

(I know... But she is usually much more polite than that, and she was feeling very sick...And frankly, given the circumstances, I thought it was hilarious!)

Scene Five:

Matilda has just woken up, I'm cuddling her and chatting to her.

Me: When you came out of Mummy's tummy, you were so little... You couldn't do anything. You didn't know how to talk, how to walk, how to eat... But you loved mummy holding you and talking to you all the time. And now that you're a big girl, you can walk, and run, and talk, and eat...But you still love Mummy to cuddle you and talk t you all the time.
Matilda: Yes. That's because I know you like me.


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