Sunday, February 22, 2009

Updated update on my update

You get the picture. Here is what Matilda looked like today:



I think those spots look lovely with a bit of Matilda on them, don't you think? But significantly, she had a great night's sleep and was a lot more cheerful today. We didn't need to give her any medicine for the pain, and she let me touch her, which is more than she did for the past 3 days. I think we've turned the corner.

Now the thing to worry about is: will Philip get it too? And if so, when?
Incubation period for chickenpox is 1-3 weeks (most commonly 2 weeks.) I think it's fair to assume Philip would have been exposed through Matilda since he doesn't go to her nursery, and Matilda would be at her most contagious a couple of days around the onset of the illness. Which would mean Monday-Wednesday last week.

Two weeks from then brings us neatly to Wednesday the 4th of March, which is our Adoption Panel day. The one where both me and Peter should really be at. Which we have arranged childcare for, but the nature of that childcare means it won't be available if Pip is contagious.

The other alternative, 3 weeks, brings us dangerously close to the 13th of March, when we also have to hand the Spawn off to a babysitter and go to a social worker/potential adopters consortium thing, so that all the agencies and social workers in the wider area get to know us and hopefully think about us the next time they need to place a little girl with Down's syndrome. Pip being contagious kinda throws a spanner in that one too.

We are trying to come up with alternative solutions, but really, unless something good comes up, we need Pip to not get the Pox, or at least to be healthy for these two dates. Any of you have conections to the guys upstairs, we'd appreciate a good word. Positive thoughts also gratefully received.

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Anonymous said...

Poor wee thing! Hope she gets better soon, my son played with his cousins when they had it and he didn't catch it that time round so there is hope!