Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Life...The Reckoning

Tomorrow was Today; and what a day today was! You'll remember the worry about whether Philip would develop chickenpox in time for our Panel meeting, right? Trying to cover all eventualities, we had arranged "Babysitter A" who would look after Matilda and Philip today, but would take them to a creche with her, and "Babysitter B," who had kindly offered to look after the kids if Philip got poxed.

I spent the past week frantically checking Philip for spots every time I took his clothes off. All clear. Until... Yesterday, at about 4 in the afternoon. Yes, Philip, demonstrating again the gift for perfect timing that became apparent on the day he was born, got his first spots 16 hours before we had to drive off for our Panel meeting. No matter, that's why we had Plan B.

As soon as I saw the Mark of the Pox, I called Lady B; "Are you still OK to look after Philip and Matilda?" No, as it turned out, because of a very serious emergency in her own family that only happened a couple of days ago, she wasn't. One very frantic and very apologetic phone call to Peter's parents later, Bat-Nanny and Super-PopPop were set to drive for 4 hours both ways, arrive on our doorstep this morning, and save the day.

So we drove off, as calmly as we could. When we were 15 minutes away from our destination, and 30 minutes away from our Meeting (capitalized intentionally,) we got a phone call from our social worker. "We have a problem; a big one."

As part of the home study, we had to have criminal background checks. Mine came from Greece, via the Consulate in London. It arrived back in early September, and I handed it to the social worker, who filed it away and incorporated it to our home study. Easy-peasy, no problem at all. Until... Yesterday evening, yes, you guessed it, at about 4 in the afternoon, when the Agency's legal advisor realized that the document should have arrived directly to them, not to me. This meant that, legally, they could not accept it, because it might have been tampered with (by criminal mastermind, yours truly.) More frantic phone calls to the Greek Consulate, to see if they could fax another copy. This is at 9:45, our meeting is at 10:00. If no contact with the Consul is made, we can not go to Panel, and have to come back in April. Miraculously, the Consul answered the phone himself, and was extremely helpful and faxed another copy of my criminal background check over within 15 minutes. (I had no idea about this, but they are supposed to keep copies of everything for "transparency" reasons, and they actually do! I will never ever diss Greek social services again, for at least...ummm...the next couple of months.)

After that, we were able to go to Panel. 30 minutes and 3-4 questions later, it was over.

We are approved. The search for #3, hereto forth known as "Sparky," is started.

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