Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Pox on this Child! A Child on this Pox!

I hate Chickenpox. I am a nice person, I always try to see the other party's point of view and Chickenpox has a right to live too (and run rampant on my children's bodies), but I officially hate its spotty little guts. I thought it couldn't possibly be any worse than Matilda... Oh how wrong I was. Poor Philip has it bad, and he has it especially bad on his dangly bits. All his butt and testicles are covered with it... His poor little winkie looks seriously gross. He has slept a total of maybe 2 hours last night, and proceeded to cry and scream the rest of the time. He lies on his back, with his legs in the air (think missionary position) and keeps saying "Bomp... Change nappy!" And screams. Now I'm not one to shy away from medicine, and he is currently taking a mouthwatering combination of them, one of which was prescribed today. We took Philip to the Surgery and exposed them to the crying until they agreed to give us the drugs (-don't flame me, we made an appointment beforehand).
Apparently, after the next 24 hours the worst should be over (one way or another...MWAHAHAHAHA!)

Incidentally, here is an exchange that took place between Matilda and Nanny yesterday:

Matilda: Nanny, let's pretend we are germs. What kind of germ do you want to be?
Nanny: Ummm... I'll be a good germ.
Matilda: Oh ok then, you can be an antibody.

I think we've been sick a bit too long around here!

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Julia Pollard said...

Awww, hope Philip recovers soon, poor love.

Love the antibody conversation...*giggle*