Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What would YOU do?

What would YOU do if your house was messy, your floor was dirty and your toddler was grumpy and driving you nuts?

This is what WE did:



In other news, wish us luck, we've got students! (This the phrase commonly used in our area to say you're hosting exchange students. "We've got students!" Always kinda reminds me of "We've got nits!")We have now a total of 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom and 6 people living in the house! Actually, it's not bad at all, I hardly get to see them. I'm practising being the mother of teenagers, i.e. they only come home to eat, hardly ever talk to you and almost never answer their mobile phones. Matilda is fascinated by them, and follows them around constantly jabbering in too-fast-and-clearly-incomprehensible-english (they usually look at her smiling vacantly. Awwww.) She is trying to win their favour by complimenting them every time she sees them; she comes up with things like "I love your bracelet!" and "I like your clothes, the're neat." (Seriously? Neat?!)

Really, appart from being a great conversation starter, having 6 people in the house is no trouble, since we're co-sleeping and have a bedroom usually sitting around empty. Matilda has moved to her own big girl bed now (at the moment located in our bedroom,) and will be transitioning to the bottom bunk in her own room as soon as the students are gone. She is also supposed to start school in September. She has her uniform (will have to post a picture) and she wants me to get her a "Numberjacks" lunch box. For the uninitiated, Numberjacks is a CBeebies cartoon with large doe-eyed numbers that live in a sofa (don't ask!) and has taught her various math-related things, including the concept of zero. (Matilda: "I want ZERO Philips touching my toys! Because Zero is the number for NOTHING!") Me, I'm grateful she didn't ask for Disney Princesses. If all of them pink-obsessed creatures at school break my Baby Cakes, I will get very cross indeed!

ADDENDUM: Before a lot of feathers get ruffled, I wanted to say that when in a group of children, you get a variety of preferences in colour, style, hobbies etc, THAT'S diversity... And I love that. When 99% of a group of children like exactly the same thing, to me it's not diversity, it's peer pressure. Now it might be colour, in a few years it might be brand of clothes, or the "right" music. That's what I don't like, especially if it becomes part of my child's self-image. Hey, I know we are not going to be able to completely avoid it, but I don't have to like it. And, to be serious for a moment, if Matilda were to go to school and add Disney Princesses to her list of things she likes, that would be absolutely fine by me. If she comes back from school liking Disney Princesses but stops enjoying her "Thomas the Tank Engine" pyjamas or toys (that she begged me for), or the Numberjacks, because they are "only for boys," I'm sorry if you disagree, but that would be a bad thing in my book.


Diversity Queen said...

There isn't necessarily something wrong just because you like pink - diversity and appreciation of is always a winner! It's a bit like religion not everyone (Thank the lord like the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Anonymous said...

Matilda reminds me a LOT of my niece Emika, she had a wonder woman lunch box when she started school! Great! (My son LOVES numberjacks and is convinced every sofa has one!) :o)

Tilly Cat & Pip-Squeak said...

Oh my! I really wasn't trying to imply there's anything wrong with liking pink. Actually, Matilda now says pink is her favourite colour (and pigs her favourite animal, because they're pink!) It's all really a bit tongue-in-cheek, as it's a running joke in my family that I'll do anything to avoid Matilda wearing pink! (Not true, she does have several pink clothes that she loves.)

How all that got started is that I don't like the trend that seems to follow most (not all) little girls today, where everything HAS to be pink and princessy and fairy sparkly dusty. Like, if you go to a toy shop, and look at, say, toy saxophones, there will be a red/blue/green/yellow/black or whatever boy version and an invariably pink girl version. It's like the opposite of diversity, and that's what I don't like, and that's how the running joke about my anti-pink campaign started. (Matilda has a couple of fairy dresses in her dressing up box, but also has a dinosaur costume, a donkey costume and a white poncho with black spots that she wears and pretends to be a Dalmatian!)

Anonymous said...

Just a quick question that I had to ask myself too....if philip only liked blue/green clothes& only watched Thomas the tank and Bob the builder would you be as bothered?