Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dance for Joy

Sometimes I felt like this day would never come... But it has.

We have found our baby!
We have been chosen to be the family of an adorable Little Guy with Down's syndrome.
Several weeks ago, we first heard about a baby boy who was relinquished at birth, as his birth family didn't feel they could bring him up. His amazing social workers did all they could to move quickly, and after visiting us they decided that we were the right family for him.

Now what?
Well, now we wait. Before things are official we still have to go through Matching Panel, which has been scheduled for the end of March (Boo! Hiss!) This is where a committee will examine the case, and either agree that the social workers have made a good choice, or argue that we are not, infact, a good match for this specific child. It's the last hurdle, and it could still go wrong and they could not approve us at Matching Panel. But the chances of that are very low at this stage. (I think of it as being 8 months pregnant... There are still several things that can go wrong, but by that stage you generally expect that you'll end up with a baby.)

After we pass Matching Panel (fingers crossed,) we will have to wait a few extra days for the decision to be ratified (final bit of burocracy,) and then we can finally meet our Little Guy! We will be visiting him at his foster home over several days/weeks, gradually increasing the length of the visits and our involvement, until he is so used to us that he can come home with us. And hey presto, family of five!

So what is he like?
Very, very cute! I wish I could post a photograph, but I can't... Not until he is officially ours. He is 4 months old at this time, but he was born a bit premature, so he is actually a bit younger than this if you correct for prematurity. (Sorry to be vague, but again, I can't say too much until it's official.) He is a little chunk! He is chubby and squishy, and just growing in to 3-6 month clothes. He has fair hair (well, not very much of it, just a bit of fuzz,) and blue eyes. He is very healthy at the moment, but of course he is so young that we don't know how he'll be in the future.
He is very close to his foster mum and likes to always keep her in his sight, and he follows her with his eyes around the room. We are told he is happiest when held or sleeping on someone :D That is so sweet, and reminds me very much of what Matilda was like as a tiny baby. (Philip was a lot more laid back, and liked having his own space some of the time.)

Roll on April! I can't wait to meet my Little Guy.

We are happy


Dancing for Joy


And even playing air guitar ;)


Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Mystery of the Missing Mingo (and other adventures)


Last week, Philip's safe little world was rocked by tragedy. We lost Mingo, his beloved toy Flamingo (or "Swimmingo", as he calls it.) One moment it was there, safely tucked in the nappy bag as we were going about our business, the next moment we were home, and Mingo was nowhere to be found. We looked everywhere, even under the sofa; no Mingo. I temporarily distracted Philip with another favourite toy, and we carried on. The next day, we had more requests for "my swimmingos." So we went out, retraced our footsteps, and tried to find Mingo. We asked everyone to be on the lookout for Mingo (and oh, how they laughed when I started describing Mingo, the pink Flamingo.) We went to the toy shop, who had sold out of flamingos, so we left with an £8 ostrich instead. Several times a day Philip would take my hand and pull me to various rooms, saying "Come on Mummy... Let's find Swimmingos!" Finally, after days of searching, I bought a new Mingo on Ebay. Actually, I bought two, since he was bound to get lost again sooner or later. Philip was ecstatic to be reunited with his friend.

Yesterday, Peter found Mingo. In his coat pocket. Where he was all along. Still, with three flamingos, we can now have our own estuary.

My guys having a snuggle:

Recently Matilda announced that when she grows up she is "going to be a studier, and study penguins."


So we went to Living Coasts to see the penguins and talk to their keepers (I have to support my girl in her career choices after all!) We had a lot of fun, but the highlight of our visit was this guy:


Now, I know this looks an awful lot like a floating dead bird.

It is, however, very much alive. Apparently, this Inca Turn, has figured out he likes to swim (and float) with his head under the water.

He started off like this:


Then fluttered onto his back:



And floated like this for a bit.


He did that several times until he got bored and flew away. I've never seen a bird do that before!


Recent Matilda-isms:

After having a fight with Philip:

"He's NOT my little brother! He is a stupid old WATERING CAN! That's broken! And has no water in it!"
(I guess that was the most useless thing she could think of...)

During a session of pretend play:

"I'm being Makka Pakka's little sister... Makka Fucka!"
I'm pretty sure the resulting rolling around the floor in laughter lasted about 10 minutes and did NOT help ensure she would not go repeating this at school the next day. Oh well...

Do I look like a watering can to you?


They love eachother really...


Philip got a haircut today. His hair was getting so long it kept getting in his eyes. I actually took him to the hairdresser two weeks ago, but he hates having his hair cut so much that after about 15 minutes (and £7) he looked no different to me, and his fringe was STILL in his eyes. At least when I cut it at home I can take my time and do it over several hours (or in front of the television!)


I want my picture taken too!