Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Discussions with Matilda:

Matilda: "Mummy, I don't like the world God made for us."
Me: "Why not baby?"
Matilda: "Because... I wish the beach was there EVERY day."
Me: "The beach is there every day, but some times we can't go because it's very cold, or it's raining."
Matilda: "But why didn't God make the beach so that we can go to it in the winter?
And WHY didn't God make sweets be good for our body?"
Me: "You know, I ask myself that every day..."

Matilda: "Mummy, if people were after dinosaurs, what's going to be after people?"

Matilda (while playing a dinosaur pretending game -we're very much into dinosaurs these days.): "I'm being a duckbill dinossaur, and Coldy (her toy cat) is being a Fur-o-saurus.

And here is Matilda singing a song from the Land Before Time. Because it cracks me up whenever she sings this, she always volunteers to sing it when I'm feeling sad or cross. I just love it!


And here is the original video, so you can compare and appreciate her performance:

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