Friday, April 23, 2010


Today Teddy had his first taste of real food. (Real yucky powder with added water, vaguely tasting of rice, that is. He's getting well trained to like my cooking!)
Oh, and did he like it! I decided to give it to him on a whim, after he was quite grumpy for the past few days, and was crying for the next feed much earlier than usual. He'll be 6 months old next week, and he's a big baby. He went from a crying, wailing, pitiful thing to a happy munchkin in the time it takes for one spoonful. His little tongue was still [ushing the food out (he has to learn,) but he was holding my hand and trying to push the spoon in his mouth. And between spoonfuls, he was chuckling. I don't think I've seen a baby enjoy his first taste of food more. And he was happy for the next 3 hours too, so it must have agreed with his tummy.

Next step, carrot puree!

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