Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Party of Five


Last week, our new baby Theodore George joined us (after a couple of weeks of introductions.) Sorry I didn't blog about it sooner, but until we officially adopt him (i.e. go to court and change his birth certificate,) I'm very limited in what I can share... which frankly cramps my blogging style. So I have a feeling that posts will be a bit sparse in the next few months.

Teddy is settling in just fine (he came from a foster home that was very calm and civilised... Out home is -er- not.) Matilda and Philip love him. The first time he met him, Philip said "Daddy, I LOVE the baby"" and then stood in front of Ted and started singing "twinkle twinkle little star." And Matilda wants to bring him to school for Show and Tell. (We settled for bringing a photograph at the moment!)

Teddy eats like a champ, burps with gusto (he did a spectacularly well timed burp in church last Sunday,) and sleeps like a baby should. Which means like Matilda and Philip never did. I'm loving having a baby who's been broken in already!



Anyone who wants to see what our baby looks like with his face uncovered, feel free to visit ;) (Or, erm, email me!)

Philip thinks having a baby is exhausting!


Wait Mummy! You're writting a blog post?! I don't have anything to wear!


Matilda ready for a nigth on the tiles (trust me, she'd fit right in around here on a Friday night.)


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Chryssavghi said...

Congratulations on your new baby!
A lifetime of happines for all of you :)

P.S Mail me a pic of the baby if you can, whenever you can :)